Biker Tattoo Artists of the Heart Hosts Year-End Tattoo Convention in Réding


The last tattoo convention of the year, organized by the Biker Tattoo Artists of the Heart, will take place on Saturday, December 9, and Sunday, December 10, at the Olympie Hall in Réding. Visitors can also get tattooed or pierced. They are sure to have an eye-catching experience!

The Biker Tattoo Artists of the Heart, a young association based in Sarrebourg and led by Mélodie Faivre, aims to assist sick children and children’s facilities.

After a public appearance at the Casino Hall in Sarrebourg last January, the association carried out its first charitable action for the MAM (Maison d’Assistant Maternels) in Abreschviller in March. Following that, a tattoo convention was held in Waltembourg in May to support the medical treatment of a sick child. With the same determination, the Biker Tattoo Artists of the Heart will host their final action at the Olympie Hall in Réding to help a needy child. This Winter Tattoo Show convention will occur on Saturday, December 9, and Sunday, December 10.

43 tattoo artists from France and Europe

Renowned tattoo artists from France and Europe, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Italy, will attend this event. A total of 43 tattoo artists, some also skilled in piercing, will showcase their talents and, of course, tattoo on-site in separate booths.

Various entertainments are planned for these two days of the tattoo convention. Diverse activities will include shows featuring LED laser light robots, pyro-juggling performances by the artist El Nikita, and lively processions. The Saturday evening promises to be particularly spicy with Steph Showtime’s strip-tease.

Two tattoo contests will be held on Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 6:30 pm.

A young and stylish musical program.

Musical entertainment will continue throughout the salon, with Tahitian dances by the Hiro’a Ma’ohi association on Saturday and a live Gypsy jazz performance by Tiko Antoni – Loïc on Sunday.

Noteworthy appearances include the rapper Henock Cortés, the Marseille-based Urban Opera-style musician Naestro, and Dj Widdy. The Alsatian rock band Sheerdoor will perform on Saturday night, along with the Rockabilly-inspired Rumble on Sunday afternoon. Santa Claus and Mickey Mouse will bring joy to the children.

Salon entry: 5 euros, free for those under 16.

Childcare services, on-site bar, external catering, motorcycle, and quad baptisms are available.

For information: 06 33 06 62 81

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