Catania Tattoo Convention Where Art Meets Skin


An array of vibrant ink colors, the buzz of tattoo machines, and the unmistakable scent of tattoo creams are set to transform Catania into the international capital of tattoos for a weekend. The fifth edition of the Catania Tattoo Convention takes place at the Ice Club (formerly Palaghiaccio) on Saturday, November 11, and Sunday, November 12. The event will gather tattoo artists from around the world, along with a select group of artists working in the city’s historic studios.

“The Catania Tattoo Convention has become a must-visit for tattoo art enthusiasts, attracting thousands of visitors,” said Alessandro Scuto, Andrea Furci, Vincenzo Sortino, and Gaetano Fatuzzo of the Alcatraz Cultural Association, which organizes the event. “Last year,” they add, “we had 5,000 attendees over two days.”

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For those attending the convention, this is a unique opportunity to get tattooed by artists from the West Coast to Japan, Indonesia, and nearly every European country. Among the most sought-after artists are Americans Paul Dobleman, Chad Koeplinger, and Bert Krak, as well as Italians Stizzo and Samuele Briganti.

Tattoos, yes, but that’s not all. The Catania Tattoo Convention also features a rich program of entertainment, including live music, customized motorcycles, food and beverage areas, burlesque performances, and exciting tattoo and motorcycle contests, creating a unique atmosphere. It starts with live music, with the exclusive Italian date of Glen Matlock’s live performance. Matlock, a founder of the legendary Sex Pistols, is an exceptional guest at the event.

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Catania Tattoo Convention promotes the idea that a tattoo is more than ink on the skin. It’s an opportunity to make a memory, a thought, or a lifestyle indelible. To seal a friendship or wear a work of art on one’s skin. Or perhaps to embrace a moment of madness.

“The Catania Convention,” the organizers explain, “does not follow tattoo trends but remains firmly rooted in the fundamental values of tattooing and its aesthetics. With over 150 participating artists, the Catania Tattoo Convention offers many styles, including black and grey, lettering, Japanese, ornamental, and a strong focus on traditional tattooing.”

The event also includes seminars on tattoo culture and techniques. On November 11, Stizzo from “Best of Times” in Milan will delve into tattoo technique and drawing approaches. On November 12, Pepe from “Red Home Tattoo” in Aci Catena, “Light Haus Tattoo” in Tuscany, and “Cosmos Tattoo” in Germany will talk about “Dotwork – ornamental,” while Samuele Ventura from “LowLife Tattoo Concept” in Misterbianco will explore “Chicano – black & grey.”

Sunday, November 12, besides the music and tattoos, will host the second edition of the custom contest in collaboration with the international magazine “Low Ride.” Dozens of customized motorcycles (bobber, scrambler, cafe racer, chopper), prepared by garage experts and individual owners alike, will compete for recognition, with prizes awarded to the most original and character-filled bikes.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a world where art meets skin. The Catania Tattoo Convention promises to be a celebration of ink and creativity.

Event Details:

  • Date and Time: Saturday, November 11, 01:00 PM – Sunday, November 12, 10:00 PM
  • Location: Ice Club – Viale Kennedy, 8 Catania (CT)
  • Contact: 340 6600905
  • Tickets are available on the official website.

Join us at the Catania Tattoo Convention, where the world of art and tattoos converge. It’s a celebration of self-expression through ink and a chance to witness the incredible artistry of renowned tattoo artists.

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