DeLand Welcomes Tattoo Parlors, Fostering Artistic Expression


DeLand has recently embraced change in a significant shift by revising an old ordinance that will finally allow tattoo parlors to open within its city limits. This change comes after several decades, during which city codes prohibited such establishments from operating.

Local artists, including the determined Brittany Arizona, took the initiative to approach the city and request a reevaluation of these longstanding rules. Arizona shared her struggle: “I tried to open my shop three years ago in the city, and I kept running into roadblocks, and I realized there were these ordinances, and they were making it impossible.”

The artistic talent of the tattoo artists was presented to visitors on site. 

In response to these appeals, the city’s commissioners decided to eliminate a section of the ordinance that previously mandated tattoo studios to maintain significant setbacks from the street. Additionally, they removed the requirement for a minimum distance between tattoo shops.

This change in regulation has opened up new opportunities for artists like Brittany Arizona, who is now actively working to bring The Alter Tattoo to life, situated next to the historic Athens Theater. The grand opening of The Alter Tattoo is anticipated as soon as the upcoming month.

More than 50 artists were on site at the convention.

While many residents and visitors have welcomed this shift, there is a consensus that some degree of regulation is necessary to ensure the responsible growth of tattoo parlors in the city. A frequent visitor to DeLand, Lucas Drennen, expressed his view: “If there is one or two, that is fine, but if there are six or seven, I could see where the problem would be.”

Addressing this concern, City Spokesperson Chris Graham offered reassurance that the city is not expecting an influx of numerous tattoo parlors. He pointed out that DeLand’s downtown area currently boasts a remarkable 98 percent occupancy rate, indicating limited space for new businesses to establish themselves nearby.

Visitors could also get a tattoo on site.

Graham emphasized, “We have a 98 percent occupancy rate in downtown DeLand. So the chances of two shops opening nearby is slim.” This data suggests that while the city welcomes the resurgence of artistic expression through tattoo parlors, it is committed to maintaining a balance that ensures the vitality of its downtown area.

The transformation in DeLand’s city codes represents more than just a regulatory change; it signifies a recognition of the evolving cultural landscape and the vibrant artistic community thriving in the city. Artists like Brittany Arizona can now pursue their passions and contribute to the creative fabric of DeLand.

The artists artistically presented their works at the stands.

The Alter Tattoo, set to open its doors in the heart of DeLand, promises to be a creative haven where tattoo enthusiasts and artists alike can come together to celebrate the artistry of body ink. As the city continues to evolve and embrace change, it remains committed to preserving the unique character of its downtown while fostering an environment where creativity can flourish.

With the community’s support and a newfound spirit of artistic freedom, DeLand is poised to welcome a new era of creativity and expression, making it an exciting destination for residents and visitors who appreciate the rich tapestry of art in all its forms.

This year the tattoo convention had around 1,000 visitors a day.


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