Dutdutan Tattoo Convention: Celebrating Artistry, Music, and Ink in Canada


Tattoo enthusiasts and some of Canada’s finest tattoo artists gathered in Toronto to partake in the extraordinary “Dutdutan” Tattoo Convention, a remarkable event hosted in Canada for the first time in its illustrious 23-year history.

Dutdutan Tattoo Convention originated in the Philippines and has consistently celebrated the captivating fusion of tattoo artistry and music. The term “Dutdutan” itself, a moniker for tattoos, was ingeniously coined by the event’s founder, Alfred Guevarra. This annual gathering has been a testament to the enduring allure of tattoo culture.

Ramon Zialcita, the affable host of Dutdutan, shared insights into the event’s evolution, saying, “Dutdutan was a term coined by Alfred Guevarra, the event’s founder. It was a term used for tattoos. Tala Entertainment showed interest and proved they could also handle their version of Dutdutan. This is the prodigy.”



The focal point of the Dutdutan Tattoo Convention was the eagerly anticipated tattoo competition, where tattoo artists showcased their exceptional skills and creativity. One such artist, Mika Maglantay, embarked on a quest to find the ideal model to represent her neo-traditional design. The meticulous selection of a model highlights the dedication and precision that go into creating remarkable tattoo art.

Another model at the event transformed into a captivating Japanese geisha, emphasizing the collaborative aspect of the tattooing process. The model shared, “It’s a mutual decision with my artist because his specialty is Japanese.” This synergy between artist and model was a testament to the collaborative spirit of the tattooing world.

Adding a melodic dimension to the event were bands like TypeCast, GreyHoundz, and the Chocolate Factory, all hailing from the Philippines. Their performances provided a sonic backdrop that harmonized seamlessly with the visual artistry on display.

Local talent was also in the spotlight as artists like Laurenz Dadural and his remarkable nine-year-old brother, Lance, from Utol Band, showcased their exceptional skills. This inclusion of emerging artists underscored the diverse and dynamic nature of the tattoo community in Canada.

However, Justice Laygo’s tattoo creation truly stole the show. His work not only earned him the accolade for “Best Colored Tattoo” but also clinched the coveted “Tattoo of the Day” award, marking it as a standout piece in a sea of extraordinary talent. To top it all off, Justice Laygo’s masterpiece earned the prestigious title of “Best in Show Tattoo,” solidifying his status as a luminary in the tattooing world.

Alex Galang, a seasoned artist with an impressive 17 years of tattooing experience, was one of the event’s judges. He expressed his delight at witnessing the growing appreciation for tattooing as a bona fide art form among the Filipino community in Toronto. This transformation highlights the evolving perception of tattoos from mere ink on the skin to intricate pieces of art that evoke emotions and tell stories.

The organizers of the Dutdutan Tattoo Convention were overwhelmed with gratitude for the event’s resounding success. For them, it was a clear demonstration that Dutdutan was not just an exhibition but also a jubilant celebration of artistry, culture, and the vibrant tattoo community thriving in Canada.

In conclusion, the Dutdutan Tattoo Convention’s Canadian debut marked a significant milestone in tattoo culture. It showcased the exceptional talent of tattoo artists, celebrated the fusion of art and music, and highlighted the growing appreciation for tattooing as a legitimate art form. As the convention continues to evolve and captivate audiences, it solidifies its place as a vital platform for tattoo enthusiasts and artists to converge, create, and celebrate the enduring art of ink.

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