Helsinki Ink Tattoo Convention to Display Diverse Styles and Artists, March 31-April 2, 2023

Helsinki InkFrom March 31 to April 2, 2023, Kaapelitehdas will host the largest Nordic tattoo convention, “Tattoo Convention.” There will be many Finnish artists there, as well as a record number of foreign artists.

“The tattoo industry is evolving rapidly. The tattoo industry is changing rapidly. New talent is constantly developing new ideas and becoming more skilled. According to the event’s coordinator, a tattoo artist stated that the best artists are always breaking new trends. Kimmo Rosti.

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular every year. Helsinki Ink offers many styles. In all aspects, this industry has seen great innovation. These days, there are better tools and more color options. Safety is also a priority.

“Trends in fashion highlight hybrids, which emphasizes contrasts. Other styles that are notable include micro realism or dot shading. You can mix traditional art and graffiti into portrait tattoos. Rosti said that Graffiti-inspired facial tattoos are growing in popularity.

Ambitious Results

The tattoo industry is seeing increasing competition. Helsinki Ink will offer daily programs, including the Best of the Day Tattoos and a selection of the best in different styles. Finnish Tattoo Artists Association will also be selecting the top Finnish tattoo artists.

“Artists have been working tirelessly for their winning designs for many hours. They are determined and focused on winning the contest. Rosti stated that competition wins are important, and that many people try to win them.

Tattoos are considered art. People will go to great lengths to find the right tattoo artist for them. People can follow other artists on social media, which makes them more quality-conscious.

Helsinki, City of Renown for Eventfullness

Helsinki Ink will be held for the 28th consecutive season. Rosti believes Helsinki is a highly-respected city for its events.

“Everyone knows Finland is cool and Finns are cool. Rosti explained to us that Finland is a safe place for young musicians.

Helsinki is also an excellent place to visit artists.

“It is always a pleasure for me to return to Helsinki, the European capital in gothic music. Helsinki loves my tattoos and messages about dark music culture. Rock’n’roll!” said Italian tattoo artist Kaiten.

Helsinki Ink 2023

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