Indonesian Tattoo Artist Ata Tawakkal Shines at the New York Tattoo Convention


Pier 36 in New York City, United States, recently became the center of attention as the most significant tattoo competition in the world unfolded. Amidst talented tattoo artists from all corners of the globe, one name stood out and left everyone in awe – Akbar Tawakkal.

Known as Ata, this Indonesian tattoo artist made his homeland proud and returned with two prestigious awards.

The competition, famously known as “The New York Tattoo Convention,” gathered tattoo artists from various parts of the world to showcase their skills, creativity, and artistry. Ata made Indonesia proud by clinching not one but two accolades from this event.

Firstly, he secured the 1st Place Color Realism award. Ata’s exceptional ability to create lifelike and intricately detailed tattoos earned him the first-place honor in the “1st Place Color Realism” category. From the canvas of skin, he can bring portraits to life with a level of detail more intricate than a Sudoku puzzle.

Secondly, he earned the title of Best Large Color. The award he received falls under the category of “Best in Large Color.” Ata’s expertise in crafting large, colorful tattoos made this category unmistakably his own.

Ata’s journey to success was not without challenges. He had to compete against world-renowned tattoo artists, each with their unique styles and creativity. However, his commitment, hard work, and innate talent set him apart.

This achievement by Ata not only elevates his reputation but also recognizes the art of tattooing in Indonesia. It proves that talent can soar without boundaries and take the international stage.

Ata’s success can serve as an inspiration for tattoo artists in Indonesia and around the world. It demonstrates that anyone can achieve greatness with passion, hard work, and a commitment to perfecting one’s craft, even on a grand international stage like The New York Tattoo Convention.

While Ata rightfully brings home two trophies, he also brings pride to Indonesia and its rich tattooing heritage on the world stage. His achievements remind us that art knows no bounds and can connect us all through remarkable creativity and talent. How can we not be proud of Ata?

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