Gia Conte is left with Caliope Yoannos and Robb Wilkinson, who are all Inked in Eden artists. Yiannos received the Best of The Press Gold award and Inked Eden won Best of The Press bronze awards. Conte won a bronze award as best tattoo artist while Wilson was in the top 5.

Caliope Yiannos was delighted to open Inked In Eden’s doors to the public on April 1st. She was also pleasantly surprised at the rapid growth of the company in just six months.

They each do one to four tattoos per days, working with two talented artists. The three stay booked solid due to their talent and rising popularity on social media, earning them this year’s Best of the Press for Best Tattoo Shop.

“We have a very long email list, and booking one month at a time just makes it easier on us so that if we need to change our schedule, we can and no one has to wait too long if they have to reschedule. But Tik Tok really helped us grow our clientele.” Yiannos said.

Yiannos, also voted this year’s Best Tattoo Artist, is passionate about the craft and loves the fact others walk around showcasing her art.

The artists are a young business and want to concentrate on South Jersey. However, they look forward to expanding in the future.

“At some point I’m sure I’m gonna want to open a second shop, but right now I think it’s just making sure that me and my other two artists have a safe space to create artwork and work with clients.” Yiannos said. “And we’re hoping that we can travel around the country and even outside of the country doing guest spots and conventions and just really spreading our love for art.”

Yionnas hopes to bring in guest tattoo artists in Ocean View in the near future and participate in Philadelphia Tattoo Convention in January.

“I am just really thankful and grateful that we have such incredible clients that have been so supportive of me and my co-workers, and I’m so thankful for my co-workers — they are absolutely incredible people and artists. We all work together to achieve our goals and love creating art. We love creating, we love being able to work with everyone in the community and all those who traveled from outside, to create incredible pieces,” Yiannos said.

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