Polina Cohen, a tattoo artist who has won international awards, creates intricate artwork

Some of the best things in life are worth waiting for—including tattoo work, according to the clients of world-renowned tattoo artist Polina Cohen. With appointments booked six months out, clients worldwide are eager for Polina’s unmistakable dark realism style.

Internationally acclaimed tattoo artist Polina Cohen has been praised for her incredible tattoo designs. Clients wait months for a change in her chair—and with the incredible in her designs, it’s easy to see why. Polina is a remarkable artist. Learn more.

Polina was drawn to the arts since her childhood. When she started to create art with her imagination, she was already four years old. Growing up, fine art was her passion, and she knew from a young age that she would never be satisfied in a career that didn’t combine her enthusiasm and natural talent.

Explore the art world

Polina graduated from high school and went to university in order to fully immerse her self in the art world. Polina began creating her art at 17 years old on a new canvas. It was her natural talent in drawing that made tattooing possible.

“I was a fine artist at the time,” Polina said. “All of my friends kept telling me to try tattooing. I tried it. The first time I tried it, I fell in love with the craft.”

Make art that lasts a lifetime

Polina said there’s nothing more fulfilling than to see her work become a part of people. However, her early tattooing journey wasn’t without obstacles. She struggled to pay for the tattoo equipment and was unable to afford it.

After her friends saw her passion and talent for tattooing, they surprised her with her first machine, and Polina knew she’d found what she was meant to do in life. She knew America was the best place to make her talent a long-lasting, sustainable career.


Vision of ink, art and creativity

Polina flew all over the world to follow her dream. To become a tattoo artist full-time, she landed in New York. In New York, she spent the next few decades learning by attending workshops. Polina was skilled in many styles including abstract, geometric and watercolor. Her heart was drawn to dark realism. She was determined to do everything.

By age 23, Polina began winning awards at tattoo conventions and shows around the country, including multiple “Best in Show” awards. Everything started taking off for her, and a year later, she’d been published in Ink Magazine, Ink Society, Skin Art, DGN Magazine, California Reader, and Miami Celebrities.


Dark realism and intricate detail

Polina, now 25, has been awarded numerous tattoo expos in the U.S. Her work has brought clients all around the world to her San Francisco residence. Polina’s clients are booked months in advance, and she’s thrilled to see her business grow. However, it wasn’t always so easy. Polina used to work 70-90 hours per week before she began to learn. Polina can now spend much of her time drawing unique pieces of art while she inks for clients.

“In my work, I’m very precise in the details. The most important thing to me is that I make sure my art is unique, follows the body flow, and represents all of my client’s ideas,” Polina said. “It’s rewarding knowing my work stands the test of time. I want to look at art I did five or ten years ago and see that it looks the same as when it was first created.”

Art that is unique and alive

While some of the world’s fine art hangs in museums and galleries, Polina creates living art that can be found walking the streets. Every tattoo she makes is unique and can never be copied.

“I’m very happy I found my passion. I’m excited about the next year, to gain even more experience, meet new international clients, work on interesting projects, and open my tattoo shop,” Polina said.


Visit Polina’s Instagram This page shows more of her work. The best place to book a consultation is her website. https://ctattoo.art/.

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