International Tattoo Convention brings artists from different parts of the world to Nepal

Lalitpur [Nepal]ANI, 9 April 2009: The 10th International Nepal Tattoo Convention is currently being held in Lalitpur in Nepal. Artists from all over the world surveyed the bodies of people in Nepal with stunning designs.

The three-day event, which ended Sunday, featured 97 stalls featuring designs.
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Bryan Henry, a Colorado tattoo artist, told ANI that he loves the venue and the art.

The Nepal International Tattoo Convention 10th Edition, one of the most beloved tattoo festivals in Nepal, has returned after a hiatus of three years due to COVID-19.

The 10th edition featured approximately 230 tattoo artists representing different parts of the globe. It began Friday and ended Sunday (April 9-9).

The convention included traditional black-and-grey and Tibetan motifs. The convention was attended by Jeff Gouge, Guy Le, and other big names in tattooing. Among others, Yogi and Pepa, Dillon and Marco, Rhys Gordon and Colin Zombro, as well as Nepali artists Binay Shri Kisi, John, John, John, and Bimal were all part of the event.

“Tattoos are still taboo in Nepal.” A small percentage of people are not familiar with the concept. My parents weren’t open to tattoos when I started the business. But, slowly, their mindset has changed and they are now accepting it as a lifestyle. These types of events help spread positive messages to society. “Those who don’t know much about tattoos or those people who think tattoos can be harmful should come to see the vibrant community,” Kamal Dulal, a Nepali tattoo artist, told ANI.

Participants included tattoo artists from Colombia and Mexico, as well as Australia, New Zealand, France (USA), the UK, Thailand, Serbia, and Australia. Netherlands, Macau, India, and New Zealand. (ANI)

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