Isle of Wight Tattoo Convention and A Gathering of Ink Enthusiasts


Ink enthusiasts and art fans gathered for the 2nd Isle of Wight Tattoo Convention at Quay Arts in Newport, an outstanding success. The event, hosted over the weekend, brought together around 400 people, uniting tattoo artists, shop representatives, and attendees to celebrate the thriving tattoo culture.

Tom Wharton and Filip Pasieka orchestrated the convention, the masterminds behind the Boy Wonder Tattoo Studio in Nodehill, Newport. With 29 talented tattoo artists, some returning from the previous year, and three Isle of Wight shops represented, this year’s convention promised an extraordinary experience.

One of the organizers, Tom Wharton, shared his insights on the event, saying, “I was pleased with the attendance as we can only fit a maximum of 250 attendees into the galleries. It was not an ego convention – everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and was happy to share. We’ll be back here next year with more seminars and workshops.”

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The convention brought together a diverse group of tattoo artists showcasing their unique styles and skills. Some of the participating tattoo artists and studios included:

Sacred Heart Tattoo: Dave Carson

Black Forest Tattoo: Marta, Evil chef

Jason Davis Tattoo: Mitch Micallef, Charlie Davis, Molly Davis, Kerie Edwards

Modern Classic: Liam Harbison

Ink Spot: Simon Cooke

Opium Tattoo Gallery: Leah Lopez

Nowak Tattoo: Daniel Nowak, Sveto Tattoo

Richmond Tattoo Studio: Seany B

Spills Ink: Emily Spiller

Black Heron Tattoo Co: Phill Mann

Bay Tattoo: Adrian Willard, Nipha

Ravenskin: Jaz White, Josh Docksey, Tommy Gun, Tyler Rimmer, Mia Gibbons

Aquarius Tattoo: Hayley Sheen

Indelible Ink: Gez Bradley, Loz, Ryan Shann, Ashleigh Webb

Snug Piercing: Sarah

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The convention served as a platform for these artists to display their skills and connect with fellow enthusiasts. It was not just an opportunity for tattoos but a celebration of the artistry and creativity that the ink industry embodies.

Events like these highlight the broader cultural significance of tattoos. In contemporary society, tattoos have transcended mere body adornments to become a form of personal expression and art. Tattoo enthusiasts often view their ink as more than just ink; they see it as a canvas on which they paint stories, memories, and meaningful symbols. The Isle of Wight Tattoo Convention recognizes and celebrates the art of tattooing and its profound impact on people’s lives.

Tattoos have come a long way from being perceived solely for specific subcultures. They now cater to a diverse audience from different ages and walks of life. What was once considered rebellious or unconventional has become a widely accepted and respected art form.

The convention’s success is a testament to the thriving tattoo culture on the Isle of Wight and the passionate community that surrounds it. Tattoo artists and enthusiasts, sharing their craft and love for ink, help break down stereotypes and emphasize the rich artistic heritage that tattoos represent.

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As the convention looks forward to its next edition, it promises to bring even more seminars, workshops, and creative interactions to the fore. With its deep roots and ever-evolving forms, the tattoo culture inspires and unites artists and enthusiasts alike.

For those attending or considering future conventions, the Isle of Wight Tattoo Convention serves as a reminder of the artistry that thrives in the world of ink. It’s more than just a convention; it’s an artistic gathering, a celebration of self-expression, and a homage to the diverse stories etched on the canvases of those who proudly wear their ink.

As the tattoo culture flourishes and evolves, these gatherings become vital in preserving and promoting the art of ink. Whether you’re an ink enthusiast, a curious observer, or an artist, the Isle of Wight Tattoo Convention offers a place to connect, appreciate, and immerse yourself in the world of ink artistry.


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