Leytonstone Tattoo Creators Triumph at Renowned National Tattoo Convention

Two tattooists at Studio 51 on High Road Leytonstone came out on top after competing with more than 50 inkers from across the UK

By Marco Marcelline

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Noel (Area 51) and Steve (Steve The Tattooist) with their awards – Credit: Photo Supplied by Steve The Tattooist

Tattoo artists at a Leytonstone tattoo shop have been recognized for their tattooing talent at a national competition.

Noel, owner of Studio 51 at 743 High Road Leytonstone, and Steve (known professionally as Steve The Tattooist) managed to scoop six awards between them at the weekend-long Ink & Oil convention in Lincolnshire on the 22nd and 23rd of July. At the competition, Noel (aka Area 51) and Steve competed with more than 50 tattoo artists from across the UK.

Steve outclassed all of his competitors on the first day of action, bagging the Best of Saturday Award and scooping Best Pattern Work, which rewarded tattoo designs with solid clean lines, dot work, and black work. Steve was awarded Best Black & Grey on Sunday, while Noel bagged Best Realism tattoo, Best of Sunday, and the big Overall Best of Convention Award.

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Noel is posing with his Best In Convention award and the tattoo that won him it. Photo Supplied by Steve The Tattooist

Reacting to the awards scoop, Noel said: “Our tattoo shop’s performance at the competition was nothing remarkable. With our creative vision and precise execution, we stood out as a true force to be reckoned with. Our dedication and talent were on full display, earning us well-deserved recognition and accolades. It was a proud moment for our shop, solidifying our place among the best in the industry.”

Steve (aka Steve The Tattooist), a tattoo artist for 13 years, said: “I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Noel for the opportunity to be involved in the studio’s journey. The recent recognition we received at the weekend’s awards is a testament to the hard work and talent that resides within our team. It’s an incredible achievement, and I believe it’s only the beginning of even greater accomplishments”.

Studio 51 opened in March this year with four tattooists, including owner Noel, Steve, Lucy, and Riz.

IMG 2415
The entire Studio 51 team, Lucy, Steve, Noel, and Riz, Credit: Photo supplied by Steve The Tattooist

You can find out more about Studio 51 or book a session by visiting their website or Instagram

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