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There are currently 280 tattoo cons in the United States. Only one tattoo convention is dedicated to this purpose. Harry Potter. That convention is “Literary Ink.” Founded by tattoo artist Jennifer Edge, the Harry Potter-themed convention beckons tattoo artists and fans to unite under their love of the Wizarding world. Axel Arzola will direct the event. Literary Ink The documentary chronicles the life of a skilled tattoo artist, the creation and subsequent deaths of many of his fans, as well as the dedication of these iconic images to their skin. It is pop culture documentary meets. Ink Master An infectious mix of nerdoms, tattoos, and nerdom.

Edge and her team are shown during the convention. Each artist showcases their exceptional tattooing and discusses how they came to be tattoo artists. Harry Potter Books found them. Arzola offers a unique look at the tattoo industry from the floors of conventions to backrooms in tattoo parlors. The film uses conventions as a starting point for further exploration. In-depth interviews with artists from all over the globe are featured in this documentary. Literary Ink It is both an educational journey for those who are not familiar and a fantasy world for tattoo enthusiasts.

REVIEW Litarary Ink 2

“…the Harry Potter-themed convention beckons tattoo artists and fans to unite…”

The first half It is a wonderful film, striking a great balance between fandom as well as highlighting the art. The film highlights tattoos of the highest quality and artistic styles. He captures the entire process in a cinematic style. Watching each tattoo unfold and listening to the passion in each artist’s voice throughout the process are among the film’s best moments.

Although the footage of the convention is very solid, it is not used often. The film quickly shifts focus from Literary Ink itself as a convention to the artists that make it possible. This is understandable, the artists are the most important part of the film. Much of the emotional weight stems from Arzola’s pairing of unbridled creativity with themes of found family. The most important emotional payoffs are in Literary Ink Aniel Hernandez is your artist. Hernadez, a talented tattoo artist, was born in Cuba and fled to the United States five years prior to filming. His animated arc throughout the film adds depth to the proceedings and elevates them beyond a simple pop culture documentary.

Whatever your love or fandom, Harry PotterLiterary Ink You might be inspired to get a tattoo. These artists are truly exceptional. Every tattoo is captured with the same love and precision as the artist that inked it. Although the narrative tends to drag, the second half often veers between tattoo artists and conventions. Despite the hangups and disjointed transitions that occur, the documentary is fascinating. It still offers a fascinating glimpse into tattoos. Harry Potter It is a great resource for both new fans and those who are already familiar with each fandom.

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