Lorain tattoo artist Raybeth Grasso spending 2023 on tour

Local tattoo artist Rachel “RayBeth” Grasso learned her craft several years ago.

2018 was a busy year for Grasso, who opened INKspired Studios on 720 Broadway in downtown Lorain.

She has a decade worth of tattooing experience and is now taking her show to the road as part of Team Fliction, a competition-based tattooing team.

Led by former “Ink Master” television competitor and longtime tattoo artist Al Fliction, Team Fliction is a competitive professional tattooing team.

Grasso is part of the team and will travel to more that 20 tattoo conventions in 2023. This includes Cleveland Tattoo Arts Convention, March 3-5.

Grasso said she met Fliction at the 2022 Cleveland Tattoo Arts Convention, and he later remembered her as “the girl with the purple hair” after recruiting team member Glenn Wallace to a guest artist spot at INKspired in August.

“He saw the shop; he worked with us for a week, (and) really liked the atmosphere,” Grasso said. “It was about four or five days (later), they were in New Jersey and they called me, and they said ‘We need you for Dallas.’

“I immediately got put straight to work.”

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