Costa del Sol Tattoo Convention 2023: Where Art Meets Ink Extravaganza

Malaga’s provincial authority (Diputación) and Torremolinos town hall have joined forces to host the first Costa del Sol Tattoo. This international convention will bring together more than 100 tattoo artists in the Principe de Asturias Auditorium in Torremolinos between Friday, 15, and Sunday, 17 September.

The event, which will also feature urban art, shows, and concerts, is organized by the Jerez Tattoo Convention and Tattoo Stone, and part of the proceedings will be donated to the Malaga Breast Cancer Association (ASAMMA).

The convention was announced on Tuesday at a presentation attended by Torremolinos Mayor Margarita del Cid; a vice-president of the provincial authority, Antonia Ledesma; the president of the cancer charity, Francisca Aguilar; and a representative of the organizers, Mariló Fernández.

The event will focus on all styles of tattooing, from the traditional old school to realist, tribal, script, and geometric, among others. The artists, who will travel from various parts of the world to participate, will conduct daily live sessions. This will offer a unique opportunity to meet some of the most talented tattoo artists in the industry and watch them create their incredible body art.

There will also be contests, exhibitions, conferences, and workshops related to tattooing.

In addition, talks will be offered on the importance of tattoo repair after breast cancer treatment, which professionals like Cristina Varela, a specialist in breast pathology, will give. Other presentations will be hosted by Lorena María Soria, a once-psychologist at ASAMMA, who will offer advice on the psychological impact of breast cancer, and Hugo González Valenzuela, a specialist in facial and body aesthetic medicine and its application in cancer patients.

There will also be an area with several artists specializing in areola tattoos and offering their services to women affected by mastectomies for free. An areola tattoo is a cosmetic procedure that uses ink that reconstructs the way the nipple looks with pigment to make it appear more natural and realistic after a mastectomy.

Each day will also offer a program of activities, including concerts, classical music recitals, retro music hall shows, free-style urban dance battles, illusion shows, and demonstrations given by several graffiti artists, which will decorate a bus with their colorful street art.

There will also be a commercial area offering urban-style clothing and merchandising.

Tickets for the convention, which will be held between 10.30 am and 10 pm each day, cost 10 euros on Friday and 12 euros on Saturday and Sunday. A two-day pass costs 20 euros, while all three days costs 29 euros.

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