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Adam Harber, a tattoo artist with more than 25 years experience, has established a reputation for his Noblesville business. Mystic Images Tattoo Inc. is Harber’s tattoo and piercing studio. It is located in the middle of town at the intersection of Clinton and 10th Streets. This parlor offers full-service tattoos and piercings. It has award-winning professionals who are certified in portraits, cover-ups and other piercing techniques.Mystic Images Tattoo

Harber began tattooing in 1996. After working in 13 other tattoo shops around Indiana, Harber decided to step back and review his goals. Harber wanted to open his own tattoo shop after years of experience.

“I was able to get different perspective on tattooing in those other shops,” Harber says.

A Noblesville native, he set up his own business. Mystic Images Tattoo, Inc. was a name that was inspired by Noblesville’s Mystic Road.

Mystic images Tattoo was first opened just 1/2 block away from where it is now. Harber was able to land at his current location off 10th street through hard work and perseverance.

While Noblesville is not Mystic Images Tattoo’s only location, Harber and his team have been especially successful here. He considers Noblesville to be one of America’s coolest cities.

“I love the people, Noblesville is just a really good community,” Harber says. “I think Noblesville was the best place to have my business. I have a studio in Illinois, and the town doesn’t even compare.”

The community loves him. Mystic Images Tattoo is a fixture in Noblesville. Adam does not know the total number of clients that the shop has received. There is always a steady stream of customers in and out. This is just a guess. He does however have an estimate of how many people show up on their busiest nights.

“We are averaging about 110 tattoos just on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights alone,” Harber says. “I average about four tattoos in a day alone.”

Mystic Images Tattoo

The business is never slowing down with nine tattoo artists and three piercers. Actually, the exact opposite is true. Harber thanks all his artists, for being extremely talented and bringing him many regular clients. Harber also praises the community, “We have really great community support, and it keeps us super busy.”

Harber says that the shop has seen an increase in patrons over recent years. RJ Hunter, their shop manager for six years, is a key part of the shop’s success and the constant growth it receives.

Many customers travel long distances to receive tattoos and piercings by Harber and his Mystic Images Tattoo team. Notably, one client of Adam’s has traveled across oceans to receive a tattoo. A police officer from France was Mystic Images Tattoo’s customer from abroad.

Mystic Images Tattoo has a variety tattoos. Each artist has their own style and art. Adam said that his favorite type of work is black and gray realism images. Adam also mentioned that his son AJ brought in a new audience with his photo-realism art.

The tattoo artists are respected in the community. They also win awards. Harber explained that RJ, Harber, and the other members of the team strive to participate in as many competitions, as possible, as often as they can. Harber is a regular at many tattoo conventions throughout the country, and has won 17 awards. RJ, the shop manager, has won 11 awards.

Mystic Tattoos Inc. has established itself in Noblesville. Mystic Images Tattoo was established in downtown Noblesville eight years ago. Harber, who is the owner of the shop and lives in the area where he works, gives a big thanks to the community.

“I think we achieved being a staple in Noblesville by doing the best we can,” he says. “Effort through the process and caring about the outcome.”

He is humbled and thrilled by the support from his peers and community.

Harber and his team can help customers schedule an appointment at Mystic Images Tattoo by calling 317-214-7166.  Noblesville is at 164 North 10th St. To see a list of the team members, view the artwork, and contact the team, patrons are encouraged to go to their website at Images Tattoo

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