Palace Tattoo and Vintage Ink Offer Complimentary Tats and Wine Experience

As marriages go—even temporarily—it can seem somewhat strange. The people of Vancouver’s Palace Tattoo and the Okanagan Winery Vintage Ink don’t seem to mind.

Old stereotypes and preconceptions are still alive, so old-school tattooing is associated with cheap bourbon and roadhouse bars like The Bucket of Slailor’s Blood. Wine is not a good option unless you talk about Shane MacGowan and Mickey Rourke. BarflyMurder City Devil Spencer Moody in the back? Empty Bottles, Breaking Hearts days, there’s something decidedly upscale about a lovely Cabernet Sauvignon or a crisp rosé.

We wouldn’t have seen early rock’n’roll, modern art, and Grimes in bed with Elon Mots. Palace Tattoo will collaborate with Vintage Ink on May 25 at the Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show.

The Vancouver Convention Centre will host a high-profile art show that will bring together over 300 artists and thousands of art lovers.

Palace Tattoo is offering ten free tattoos on the spot between the hours of 5:30-8.30pm. Tattoos will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. The Vintage Ink wine will be given to each freshly tattooed person.

For those who don’t make the top 10, Vintage Ink Wine will offer offerings such as Whisky Barrel Red and Pink Ink. Wicked White and Pink Ink are also available. Pre-selected tattoo designs will be used to create complementary tats. These pay homage to Doc Forbes, a Canadian legend and one of the best-known tattoo artists.

Forbes’ work mostly fell under traditional flash tattoos—designs printed on paper and cardboard, displayed in binders, or mounted on walls to give walk-in customers ideas. The BC legend often worked on sailors near the port in Victoria, later moving to Vancouver, where he operated for years.

Two massive fans of Forbes­ started Palace Tattoo—co-owners Chris Hold and Nick Wako—steps from one of the West Coast pioneer’s former locations on Hastings.

In addition to Forbes’ art, Palace Tattoo will decorate its space at Vancouver Tattoo Show by displaying throwback memorabilia from when sailors, bikers, and convicts were the only ones who got tattoos.

Vintage Ink is a Canadian winery based in the Okanagan. They are known for bold, innovative wines (Whiskey Barrel, for example, has been aged and finished using former whisky barrels).

The Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show occurs from May 26 to 28 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

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