Paramount Tattoo Expands Grand Reopening in New Location on River Street


Paramount Tattoo, a beloved fixture of Alpena’s ink scene, has made a significant move, enhancing both its space and its tattooing capabilities. The shop recently relocated from its former West Chisholm Street location to a more spacious spot on River Street, opening its doors to the public on October 1. The move was motivated by a need for more room to accommodate the growing number of talented tattoo artists who now call Paramount Tattoo their creative home.

Co-owner Breanna Hill, who, along with her partner Austin Hill, oversees this thriving tattoo studio, explained the reasons behind the relocation. “We were on Chisholm for two years, and we just switched buildings,” Hill said. “It was too small because we have three other artists that work for us, so we needed space.”

Paramount Tattoo’s influence extends beyond the Alpena city limits. The Hills also own a successful shop in Mackinaw City, demonstrating their commitment to spreading their artistic prowess across Michigan’s landscape.

The story of the Alpena shop’s journey involves a temporary closure due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this twist in fate led to a new opportunity. Breanna Hill recalled when the space in Mackinaw Crossings in Mackinaw City became available for rent. “We were, like, ‘Oh, my gosh, this is our opportunity to open,'” Hill said. “Then we wanted a second shop down here because this is where we’re from. Austin wanted to be able to do what he does down here, too.”

The operational schedules of the two shops have unique characteristics. The Alpena location remains open year-round, providing a consistent and reliable destination for tattoo enthusiasts. In contrast, the Mackinaw City location operates seasonally, welcoming clients from June until the first week of November. During the busy summer months, Austin Hill and two additional artists work in the Mackinaw store, while talented tattoo artist Sasha Danger continues to create art in the Alpena location.

Once the tourist season winds down, the tattoo artists reconvene in Alpena, continuing to serve their local clientele. Despite the annual migration of tattoo artists, both Paramount Tattoo shops maintain a steady business.

“We stay pretty steady,” Breanna Hill noted. “Sasha has a pretty big clientele. She’s been tattooing for a few years. Austin has a pretty decent-sized clientele, as well. He has a lot of people that travel from out of state, up north, downstate, or even from Canada.”

Austin Hill’s exceptional skills in the tattooing world were recently recognized at the 2023 Tattoo City convention in Flint, where he clinched two prestigious awards. In addition, Austin is set to be featured in an upcoming March edition of Tattoo Industry, a prominent industry magazine.

In light of the seasonal nature of their Mackinaw City location, Paramount Tattoo decided to celebrate the grand re-opening of their Alpena shop. Breanna Hill explained the motivation behind this event, saying, “We had that grand re-opening because a lot of people don’t know that we’re here. Because we’re in Mackinaw for almost six months out of the year, we wanted to do a grand re-opening so that people know.”

As Paramount Tattoo’s story continues to evolve, it’s clear that the artistic vision, commitment to quality, and dedication to their clients drive the Hills and their team. With the new, spacious River Street location, Paramount Tattoo is poised to continue leaving a lasting mark on Alpena’s thriving tattoo culture.

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