Richmond Tattoo & Arts Festival, Where Ink Meets Art in a Weekend Extravaganza


In the enchanting realm of tattoos and artistic expression, the 35th annual Richmond Tattoo & Arts Festival stood as a testament to the enduring allure of body art. This venerable event, renowned as one of the oldest tattoo conventions in the world, unfolded with resplendent grandeur over a three-day extravaganza. Set against the DoubleTree Hotel in Midlothian backdrop, this year’s festival showcased an array of world-class tattoo artists who flocked to Richmond to lend their extraordinary skills to a captivated audience.

Jesse Smith, the orchestrator behind the convention since 2016, exuded pride in the festival’s ability to draw some of the most exceptional tattoo artists from across the globe. “We have tattoo artists flying in from New Zealand, we got some coming in from Asia, we’ve got some from California. They’re coming in from everywhere,” Smith expressed with enthusiasm. “This convention this year is probably one of the biggest we’ve ever thrown.”

The Richmond Tattoo & Arts Festival is more than just a celebration of body art; it serves as a beacon, illuminating Richmond’s vibrant art scene. Richmond is celebrated as a city deeply entwined with the world of tattoos and artistry. Smith believes the festival offers a unique annual opportunity for artists and art enthusiasts to converge and revel in the ever-evolving realms of tattooing and artistic expression.

The festival was more than just an artistic spectacle; it was a dynamic and multifaceted experience. Attendees had the thrilling chance to observe remarkable live performances and participate in fierce competitions pushing creative imagination’s boundaries.

Among the treasure trove of activities and attractions, Sunday’s festivities were specially designed to be family-centric. The Richmond Tattoo & Arts Festival joined hands with the SPCA to create an enchanting space where pets took center stage. “We’re actually partnering up with the SPCA, and so we’re going to have a lot of pets around,” Smith explained. The festival proudly hosted approximately 185 tattoo artists who diligently crafted magnificent artworks throughout the weekend. Tattoo competitions of all kinds, including a unique children’s tattoo competition, stirred the imagination and creativity of both young and old. Children could create their masterpieces directly on their parents, and these artistic endeavors promised to earn coveted stuffed animals and excellent art supplies.


The festival wasn’t just about tattoos; it was a meandering journey through the avenues of artistic wonder. Guests reveled in the presence of a dog-kissing booth, jumped with boundless joy on the vibrant bounce houses, adorned their faces with mesmerizing face painting, and cherished whimsical caricatures as precious mementos of the event.

One of the highlights of the Richmond Tattoo & Arts Festival was the live painting sessions, which added an enthralling layer to the festival’s artistic tapestry. These vibrant and creative artworks were not just for display; they were auctioned off at the show’s culmination, allowing art enthusiasts to own a piece of the festival’s magic. It was a harmonious union of art and community where creativity was home.

While the festival embraced the spirit of artistic indulgence, it also extended its benevolent hand to the Richmond SPCA. For every ticket sold on Sunday, a generous $1 donation was contributed to the Richmond SPCA. This thoughtful initiative showcased the festival’s commitment to intertwining art with compassion, emphasizing that art can force positive change.

The Richmond Tattoo & Arts Festival is not just an event; it embodies Richmond’s artistic soul. Beyond the ink and artistry, it fosters a sense of unity and celebration in the creative community. This age-old convention inspires and innovates, inviting fans and newcomers to explore the ever-expanding horizons of tattoo art and artistic expression.

The Richmond Tattoo & Arts Festival has etched its mark on the canvas of Richmond’s cultural calendar, a testament to the enduring allure of ink and artistry. As the ink dries and the artistry unfolds, this festival reaffirms that art, in all its forms, is a vibrant tapestry that weaves communities together, one deep hue at a time.

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