Swindon could soon host tattoo convention if new rule approved

If the policy changes are approved next week, then tattoo conventions or large multi-day events for enthusiasts in acupuncture and piercing could be coming to Swindon.

Swindon Borough Council’s licensing committee has been asked to approve a change to allow tattoo conventions, which are not held in the borough, to take place.

The council has been approached by one of the town’s tattoo practitioners keen to put on such events, drawing in ink enthusiasts and artists from outside the borough.

The report to members on the committee says: “The current policy makes [conventions] onerous. Any tattooists outside of the Borough would need to fully register when they might already be registered with another local authority.”

The council will issue temporary licenses to artists for up to 5 days. This policy is limited to five per annum.

The artists must show they have a valid licence from another council and they are not currently incarcerated.

The temporary licences would cost £12 per day, or £60 for the five days, compared to a full annual licence of £218.

The Civic Offices will be hosting the meeting at 6pm on Tuesday, December 6.

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