The Palermo Tattoo Convention and a Celebration of Art, Tradition, and Ink

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The Palermo Tattoo Convention is making a triumphant return to the Cantieri Culturali della Zisa from November 3rd to 5th. The Spazio Tre Navate is set to become the epicenter where the finest tattoo artists, hailing from well-known studios on local, national, and international fronts, will meet countless enthusiasts searching for the most incredible tattoos of the moment.

Now in its ninth edition, this year’s Palermo Tattoo Convention promises to host over a hundred tattoo artists, each ready to showcase the latest trends and diverse styles in the world of tattooing. Tattooing is a craft that’s passionately passed down from one generation to another, and over time, it has become increasingly attractive to women. This edition proudly features numerous female tattoo artists, three of whom have chosen to carry on their family’s legacy by embracing the art of tattooing, a craft their fathers pioneered.

With over a hundred tattoo artists, tattoo models, live performances, music, DJ sets, as well as exhibitions and live street art, the Palermo Tattoo Convention reaffirms its status as the most significant event of its kind in Southern Italy. This international tattoo festival, which has been gracing Palermo since 2014, has, over the years, brought together some of the most renowned figures in the world of tattooing. It includes pioneers exploring new tattooing genres, trusted tattoo artists of celebrities, and tattooing legends.

The outdoor space will come alive with burlesque performances, tattoo model shows, DJ sets, and musical acts. Among the most captivating events is a street art show featuring the creation of a large-scale graffiti piece executed over three days. Additionally, there are eagerly anticipated award ceremonies honoring the winning artists. This year’s judging panel includes exceptional judges such as Max Ferrigno, a renowned artist, designer, and set decorator, who will also oversee the stage installations, and Ester Cardella, a highly esteemed comic book artist and illustrator responsible for creating the awards presented to the best tattoo artists of the year.

Past editions of the convention have welcomed over 25,000 visitors and tattoo enthusiasts from all over Sicily. Over eight years, more than 5,000 tattoos have been inked at the event, along with a remarkable increase in both attendees and industry professionals.

Each tattoo artist will be provided with a personal booth, ensuring that visitors can book and get their tattoos done in a safe and secure environment. Entrance to the convention is exclusively for ticket holders. The Palermo Tattoo Convention remains an extraordinary celebration of ink, art, tradition, and the vibrant tattoo culture that unites artists and enthusiasts from across the globe.

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