Trufant Bros Host 15th Annual West Texas Tattoo Convention: A Fusion of Art and Culture


San Angelo, TX — The dynamic duo of tattoo artistry, Alex and Aubrey Trufant, native San Angelo residents and Air Force veterans turned tattoo legends, are gearing up to host the 15th annual West Texas Tattoo Convention. Owners of Trufant Bros Tattoos, the brothers have cultivated a rich tattoo culture in San Angelo. They are set to showcase the vibrant ink scene at the San Angelo Coliseum from February 23 to February 25.

Post-military service, the Trufant brothers delved into the world of tattooing, establishing and operating Trufant Bros Tattoo Shops. Beyond their shops, they have become synonymous with the West Texas Tattoo Convention, an annual gathering hallmark of the region’s tattoo culture. With a downtown shop at 117 S. Chadbourne Street and another discreetly tucked away inside the Southwest Plaza at 3524 Knickerbocker Suite F, the Trufant Bros have left an indelible mark on San Angelo.

Aubrey Trufant
Aubrey Trufant (Credit: SA Live, Lucas Banda)

Before becoming esteemed tattoo artists and entrepreneurs, the brothers embarked on a journey across the country after their Air Force stint. This vacation was a crucial period of growth, where they absorbed knowledge from prolific tattoo artists, honed their skills, and delved into the intricacies of small business development.

Emerging from this transformative phase, the Trufant brothers found their artistic identity, paving the way for establishing their brand and business. The experience gained at various conventions, rubbing shoulders with world-renowned artists, fueled Alex’s vision to start a convention in their hometown of San Angelo.

What sets the West Texas Tattoo Convention apart is the array of skilled artists and the supportive and encouraging environment it fosters. Attendees bask in the camaraderie among peers and fellow tattoo enthusiasts, creating an atmosphere where individuals can get inked by artists they admire but might not afford otherwise.

Aubreys Latest Work
Aubreys Latest Work 9Credit: Trufant Bros FB Page)

The convention caters to all tattoo preferences, from first-timers seeking delicate designs to those opting for intricate cover-ups or realistic portraits. The diversity of artists ensures a tattoo paradise, offering something for everyone.

While the West Texas Tattoo Convention consistently delivers a stellar experience, the Trufant Brothers take pride in infusing a personalized touch. They attribute the event’s success to the unwavering support and active participation of the people of San Angelo.

For those eager to attend this inked extravaganza, tickets are available on the Stubwire website at

The inception of the convention was not without challenges. Initially sceptical about San Angelo’s readiness for such an event, Aubrey eventually saw the growth potential. The evolving culture of the city, marked by a changing perception of tattoos, convinced Aubrey that the time was ripe for a tattoo convention.

The first-ever West Texas Tattoo Convention saw modest beginnings with 50 booths, around 60 tattoo artists, and approximately one hundred attendees. However, each passing year witnessed remarkable growth, prompting the relocation from the convention centre by the river to the expansive Coliseum on the North side.

Penny Tap House Sponsor of the Tattoo Convention
Penny Tap House Sponsor of the Tattoo Convention (Credit: Trufant Bros FB Page)

Today, the West Texas Tattoo Convention is one of the nation’s most prestigious tattooing events, boasting record-breaking attendance, many talented artists, and an electrifying atmosphere. With 105 booths, numerous vendors, local sponsors, and media coverage, the convention has become a testament to the Trufant Brothers’ dedication and the thriving tattoo culture in San Angelo.

Aubrey proudly declares, “I guarantee you that the West Texas Tattoo Convention ranks in the top three out of all tattoo conventions in the nation.” Describing the event as a massive family reunion, he emphasizes the joy of connecting with like-minded individuals passionate about tattoo art, fostering discussions on business ideas, the latest equipment, and, most importantly, life.


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