West Virginia Tattoo Expo Kicks Off 9th Annual Event in Morgantown.

Getting “inked” in West Virginia will be easier this weekend, thanks to the 9th annual West Virginia Tattoo Expo. The event is underway in Morgantown and was first established in 2013.

The 9th Annual West Virginia Tattoo

This is the annual community event for tattoo artists from all over the country, and although this isn’t a new event in the local area, the buzz couldn’t be more significant.

The Expo promoter, Rocco Cunningham, looks forward to the three-day event. “The expo started in 2013. This is our ninth annual event. It started 11 years ago but with a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. So we’re excited to be back in Morgantown celebrating another year of tattoos, community, and art; it’s a good time.”

Although spectators have been fond of this event, the tattoo community may like it even more. “It is really like a large family-knit group here. There’s no negativity going on. Everybody likes each other and supports each other. The camaraderie here is something special.”

The 9th Annual West Virginia Tattoo

Even though the support is clear, the most significant difference, according to Rocco, is the different ink styles. “Everybody here has their own style and niche, and they can do any tattoo that someone would want. Every style or generate of tattooing is represented here at the expo.”

The expo attracts not only different ink styles but also different visitors. “From coast to coast, from New Hampshire to Florida and everywhere. They’re stopping and getting fuel, eating in different places, and I think it’s been a good impact for West Virginia to bring more here.”

The expo will go through Sunday at the Morgantown Marriott in Waterfront Place. Be sure to WDTV for more updates.

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