Wizards of the World: It’s time to return to the literary ink

A picture can tell a thousand stories, while a thousand words could paint a whole new world.

Main Line Tattoo is pleased announce the return to Literary Ink. Here, tattoo masters from around the world will use ink-dipped tools to make their mark. The convention will be held at the Chattanooga Convention Center from March 3rd-5th.

This event is open to all who enjoy tattoos, cosplay, or other shenanigans. The event features over 200 tattoo artists.

Walk into this magical world we’ve created for you and listen to collective the buzz of wizardry wands. Once you enter our world, magic will surround you.

To get your photo taken by an Owl/Wolves, you can dress up as your favorite cosplay. Scott Fogg, April Royer and other panel members will be discussing the Killer Destination Podcast.

In the halls, sideshow and circus acts are performed. There will be trivia, board to beer, scavenger hunt, and a gaming zone.

Make sure you have everything you need to practice your spells. Buy your tickets today to be there in Years 3 & 3.  Tickets available at: www.literaryink.co

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