BTS Members’ Most Iconic Tattoos and Meanings Explained

BTS members set high fashion goals for every outing and inspire youth to get out of their comfort zone. Since their 2013 debut, the boys have experimented with many hairstyles and piercings. Eagle-eyed fans have long been intrigued by BTS’ tattoos and the meaning they hold in the K-pop stars’ lives. What are these tattoos?

All BTS members are a part of the tattoo club, thanks to their matching friendship tattoo ‘7’. Jung Kook, and Jimin and their unique tattoo collections are well-known. Jung Kook is known for his incredible body art. We don’t know how to track it. We’ve compiled a list of designs the band members have flaunted in the past. Take a look at these designs!

BTS tattoos can have special meanings

The friendship tattoo

We’re sure the BTS ARMY already know about the band’s friendship tattoos, and interestingly, it was Suga’s idea to get the number ‘7’ inked on their bodies. BTS announced its annual Festa video. After that, some members shared the design via Social Media.

Leader RM J-hope had the tattoo inked above his ankle. Jung Kook and Jin inked Jimin’s finger while Jin had it on his back and behind the ear.

Rounding up the septet are BTS’ V and Suga. V got the tattoo on his leg (right above his knee) and Suga’s friendship tattoo is still a mystery. Fans noticed a similar tattoo on his neck.

The actual meaning of the tattoo runs much deeper than friendship and BTS’ tattoo artist Polyc SJ revealed the interesting fact via social media. All the different font styles of the number ‘7’ tattooed by the members, when positioned in their original place, spell BTS. Now isn’t that amazing?

Each member has a tattoo collection


BTS ARMY has spotted Jimin‘s tattoos from time to time and many have theorized what they could mean. We found seven tattoos by the artist, including one called the friendship tattoo.

  • The singer has ‘NEVERMIND‘ inked on his right side and according to PopsugarJimin purchased it as a temporary design, and later made it permanent.
  • The number is the second tattoo. ’13’ visible on the inside of Jimin’s wrist, which many believe is an ode to either BTS’ debut date June 13, 2013, or his birthday on October 13.
  • The next tattoos you should consider are ‘young’ and ‘forever’, each near his elbows that echo BTS’ 2016 track Young Forever.
  • Another interesting design spotted on the back of Jimin’s neck is a series of moon tattoos inked vertically on his back in distinct phases. These tattoos were revealed in promotional photos for his solo album FACE.

  • The last one in Jimin’s tattoo collection is the word ‘youth‘ inscribed behind the back of his ear in cursive style. It represents BTS’ song Youth Also, a K-drama with the same name that is BTS-inspiring will be available.

Jung Kook

Jung Kook is passionate about tattoos and his extensive collection is proof of that. During a Weverse Live session, the artist gave a detailed explanation of his tattoos. So, let’s break down everything for you.

  • They share a karmic bond with their ARMY. The boys never cease to show love and support their friends. Jung Kook’s first-ever tattoo rightly proves so! The singer has ‘ARMY’ You can also find out more about a Purple heart The back of his hand is tattooed. The area is also decorated with a Crown tattoo over the “A” of ARMY and a ‘J’ motif which is his name. He also has his favorite emoticon Inscribed on his middle fingers.
  • The second significant tattoo which also appears on the side of the same palm is BTS’s debut date, 06/13Just like Jimin.

  • Jung Kook also has two tattoos on his forearm. One of them is a symbol of the sun. The date he arrived in Seoul. This is accompanied by two quotes The singer swears by them, which are displayed in a crisscross fashion. These read ‘Do you prefer to be cool than die? and ‘make hay while the sun shines’.
  • Other significant tattoos on Jung Kook’s forearm include a big tiger lily, It is his birth flower. It comes along with the phrase ‘please love me’ written behind it. Adjacent to the flower you’ll find a Timer, which reveals the singer’s exact birth time. He added the following: A microphone with a chain sheds light on his talent as a singer.
  • If these weren’t enough, Jungk Kook’s elbow has more to offer. Here you’ll find the Chinese word Hwayangyeonhwa, Which translates into The most beautiful moment in life For those of you who don’t know, The Most Beautiful Moment in Your Life is the album that the band released in 2015, and it’s one of their most recognizable albums. This album is available with Another design This is a tribute to the traditional Korean painting technique, called dancing.

Jung Kook’s tattoo cover-ups

  • Jung Kook has also covered up a lot of tattoos. This is the first of these. Lightning and cloud tattoo, which came as a replacement for a motif he got back in the US while shooting for the ‘ON’ music video. Jung Kook described how his original tattoo was a mess and that his new tattooist converted it into a cloud design, which was further enhanced with color.
  • The second is a Bulletproof His forearm design has changed from the original eye design. The change happened because he didn’t like the earlier version.
  • Coming Jung Kook’s wrist area, there’s a big Snake tattoo. The singer earlier had three parallel lines in this area, which are a symbol of ‘Geon’ (it represents heaven in Korean).


J-Hope is the next band member and stands out against Jung Kook when you think about tattoos. Only one tattoo is visible on the singer, the BTS common BTS. A friendship tattoo just above his Achilles tendon. The placement of the tattoo is also interesting as the term “Achilles heel” means somebody’s weakness or vulnerable point.

Fans pointed out that J-Hope once called ARMY his “Achilles heel” during the 2021 Let’s BTS Talk show. He said that the ARMY is his only strength and that it is the driving force behind the band.


BTS’ V aka Kim Taehyung also doesn’t seem like a big tattoo fan and only has the BTS friendship tattoo He had the engraving engraved on his leg just above his knee. He revealed the information via an Instagram photo, in which he was seen wearing nothing but a shirt during his Mexico trip.


Jin too flaunts just one tattoo – BTS’ ‘7’ tattoo on His waist. He presented a shirtless photograph of himself to fans, in which they could see his tattoo along the curve of the waist.


Suga has also A friendship tattoo, however, he hasn’t revealed it yet unlike his band members. The Valentino brand ambassador has built immense curiosity around his ‘7’ engraving. It seems that the ARMY discovered it through one of his Instagram posts.

The artist shared shirtless pictures of him on Instagram and fans immediately noticed the number ‘7’ resting on his neck. We hope Suga has an official unveiling soon!


Lastly, BTS’ leader RM too has the ‘7’ Inscribed in tribute to the band, it appears just above one of his ankles. In one of his live sessions, the singer spoke out about his tattoo process. He mentioned, “It took 2 hours to stamp on the body to check the font and positions, but it took me only two damn minutes to have an actual tattoo on my body. It was just two lines. one line “oh ouch” 2nd line “oh ouch” and done.”

(Hero image credit: bts_bighit/ Twitter)

(Feature image credit to bts.bighitofficial/ Instagram)

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