Controversy erupts when Nessa Barrett is accused of copying a fan’s custom 5SOS tattoo

TikTok star Nessa Barrett is being accused of copying a Twitter user’s Five Seconds of Summer tattoo, which they say was specially designed by band member Calum Hood.

Nessa Barrett is a prominent TikToker and music artist, having released her debut album ‘Young Forever’ in late 2022.

Barrett is known for her alternative style, boasting dark hair and makeup and a slew of tattoos, each of which has its special meaning — most of which, she admitted, “have something to do with music.”

A tattoo that was music-related to her is being investigated. 5 Seconds of Summer fan claims she stole her design.

Nessa Barrett accused of copying 5SOS fan’s custom tattoo

On March 7, a Twitter user called out Barrett for stealing her tattoo, claiming that the ink was written out by 5SOS’s very own vocalist Calum Hood.

The tattoo is a phrase written in a small, handwritten script that reads: “I still burn for you.”

“I cannot get over the fact that Nessa Barrett copied my 5SOS tattoo that Calum wrote out for me,” the user claimed. “@nessabarrett, explain yourself.”

The user went on to claim that she’d posted a pic of her tattoo to Pinterest, meaning that Barrett may have seen it while scrolling through the site and decided to get it for herself.

The resulting conversation has been a mixed one, with some users arguing that it’s perfectly fine to copy someone’s tattoo idea if it was posted online, while others say it’s a bit odd to take someone else’s design without asking.

“I saw a girl get a tattoo of a fairy on TikTok, so I [screen shotted] it and got the exact tattoo,” one netizen said. “It’s not personal. If someone sees something cute, they’re gonna do it.”

“Tbh if she ever ‘copied’ my tattoo I wouldn’t care,” another posited. “I mean it’s making NESSA BARRETT. I’d be happy.”

This isn’t the first time one of Nessa’s tattoos has become the talk of the town; last year, an influencer came under fire for seemingly copying one of Nessa’s tattoos of two butterflies on her hand, which she got with a late friend and fellow influencer Cooper Noriega before his passing.

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