Drake’s New Face Tattoo Unveiling ‘Miskeen’ Arabic Script and Latest Achievements


Drake, the iconic rapper, has again made headlines by adding a distinctive Arabic script tattoo just above his right eyebrow. Over the weekend, pictures surfaced capturing this intriguing addition, leaving fans and the media anticipating an explanation from the artist himself. Photographer Brent Kore shared an image of Drake’s new face art on Instagram Stories, revealing the phrase “miskeen” elegantly arched over the rapper’s eye.

The term “miskeen” is not just a random word chosen for its aesthetic appeal; it holds cultural significance, particularly within the large Somali community in Drake’s hometown of Toronto. Derived from the Arabic word “Miskin,” the translation encompasses meanings of “misfortunate” or “poor.” The University of Toronto magazine defines it as describing a “pathetic person or situation.” The choice of this word opens a window into Drake’s cultural influences and connection to the diverse communities that make up his beloved Toronto. To glimpse this visually captivating tattoo, check it out [here]. Despite its attention, Drake has yet to share an image or provide insight into the tattoo’s significance.

This new addition to Drake’s face joins an array of other tattoos, including a tribute to his mother, Sandra Gale. Last summer, he got her initials, SG, inked under his left eye, creating a meaningful and visible homage.

Drake, no stranger to breaking records, earned an all-time high of 12 trophies in a single night at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. However, the artist faced stiff competition this year when Morgan Wallen secured 11 awards at the 2023 show. With an impressive ten wins, Taylor Swift reached a tie with Drake, both boasting 39 all-time BBMA victories. Drake’s remarkable achievements at this year’s awards ceremony included being the top rap artist (a record-extending fifth time), top rap tour (second time), and securing both an entire rap album (“Her Loss”) and full rap song (“Rich Flex”) for his collaboration with 21 Savage.

Drake’s musical journey shows no signs of slowing down. On Friday, he surprised fans with the release of the Scary Hours 3 EP. This six-song collection, featuring freshly recorded tracks, is an extension of the new edition of his recent “For All the Dogs” album, showcasing the artist’s continuous evolution and commitment to delivering fresh and impactful music.

In the realm of tattoos, each inked design tells a story, and for Drake, it seems like a canvas for expressing various facets of his identity and journey. The inclusion of Arabic script reflects aesthetic choices and cultural resonance. Tattoos, as a form of art and self-expression, provide a visual timeline of an artist’s life. For Drake, they symbolise his multicultural roots and the diverse influences that shape his music.

As fans eagerly await Drake’s explanation or personal insight into the “miskeen” tattoo, the speculation and curiosity surrounding this latest addition only add to the mystique of one of the music industry’s most enigmatic figures.

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