Post Malone’s Epic Fan Interaction From Back Tattoo to On-Stage Thrills


Tauranga builder Daniel Lamberth, a dedicated Post Malone superfan, experienced the ultimate fan dream at the rapper’s Auckland concert. Known for his massive back tattoo featuring Post Malone’s face, Lamberth was pulled onto the stage by the megastar, creating another permanent reminder of this extraordinary encounter.

The saga began when Lamberth, adorned with his iconic back tattoo, caught Post Malone’s attention during the concert. The rapper, spotting his face inked on Lamberth’s back, couldn’t resist inviting the superfan onto the stage. Perched on his brother Jared’s shoulders, Lamberth proudly displayed his tattoo while friends brandished a sign requesting ‘Postie’ to autograph the ink.

The generous and famously polite singer fulfilled the autograph request and took the fan interaction to the next level by bringing Lamberth onto the stage. Post Malone signed the fan’s back in front of a roaring crowd of 19,000 at Western Springs Outer Fields, creating an unforgettable moment that will undoubtedly be discussed in tattoo news circles for years.

Post Malone was thrilled to see his face tattooed on the back of Kiwi fan Daniel Lamberth. Photo / Supplied
Post Malone was thrilled to see his face tattooed on the back of Kiwi fan Daniel Lamberth. Photo / Supplied

The morning after this once-in-a-lifetime experience, Lamberth wasted no time turning Postie’s vivid marker initials and hearts into a permanent testament to the encounter. He visited his regular tattoo studio, Pain Ink-Corporated in Mount Maunganui, where the memories of this extraordinary night were transformed into a lasting piece of body art.

Reflecting on his time on stage with Post Malone, Lamberth expressed awe at the singer’s positivity and politeness. Describing the experience of being on stage with thousands of people watching and cheering as “weird but such a cool experience,” Lamberth highlighted the unique energy Post Malone brought to the encounter.

Daniel Lamberth shows off his Post Malone tattoo with an autograph from the US rapper signed at the Auckland Concert at Western Springs. New Zealand Herald photograph by Kirsty Wynn 21 November 2023
Daniel Lamberth shows off his Post Malone tattoo, which the US rapper signed at the Auckland concert at Western Springs.
New Zealand Herald photograph by Kirsty Wynn 21 November 2023


The back tattoo, portraying Post Malone singing into a microphone, had been inked just months before the concert, taking two sessions totaling around 10 hours. This intricate piece is only one of six tattoos dedicated to the rap sensation by Lamberth, showcasing his deep admiration for the artist.

In addition to the back tattoo, Lamberth’s other Post Malone-inspired ink includes symbols representing hit songs, like a whiskey glass for “Broken Whiskey Glass” and a Bud Light can with the words “don’t want to sober up, “a nod to the song “Mourning.” Some tattoos, like a sword and playing cards, draw direct inspiration from Post Malone’s heavily tattooed body.

Interestingly, Lamberth also sports a tattoo capturing a moment often seen on stage – Post Malone balancing beer pong cups on his head. It’s a playful nod to the singer’s antics during performances.


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♬ original sound – Rach Godber

Lamberth wasn’t the only lucky Kiwi to perform with Post Malone. Auckland musician Rach Godber joined the star on stage to play the hit song “Stay” on guitar. The two even shared a beer on stage, with Post Malone offering some sage advice to calm Godber’s nerves.

The entire encounter, from the fan’s unique tattoos to the on-stage collaboration, epitomizes the deep connection between artists and their dedicated fan base, showcasing how music and body art intertwine to create lasting memories.

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