Rogers tattoo shop will have to move after planners decline request

ROGERS — The Planning Commission has declined to make a change to the comprehensive city growth map. This means that a illegal tattoo shop will need to be closed.

By marking appropriate uses for various areas, the map aids in making development decisions.

At the request of the property owner, commissioners turned down a request for a change to the 615 W. Oak St. growth map designation.

At the site, Apex Tattoo Studios was open. The current zoning does not allow for tattoo studios, but it is permitted to be located on the two side streets.

Owner of the property, which was being leased to the company, requested a change to the zoning, from commercial mixed-use to neighborhood transition zoning.

Transition zoning in neighborhoods allows some commercial use, including professional offices, financial and real estate firms and furniture shops. This zoning permits buildings of up to three stories.

Commercial mixed-use zoneing permits buildings of up to 5 stories, in addition to more commercial uses such as restaurants, theatres, and music venues.

This property can be found at Seventh Street and Oak streets. It borders a commercial mixed-use zone to the south and west, as well as a residential neighborhood to its east and north. According to the city staff, there are a few businesses or offices that are located on the same street. However, they are permitted within current zoning.

John McCurdy is the community development director. Comprehensive growth map designations such as neighborhood transition help to stop the spread of intensive commercial activity to older neighborhoods near properties.

McCurdy explained that commercial mixed use zoning allows residential uses to add to an existing commercial building. McCurdy said streets are the most common way to find zones on the comprehensive growth maps.

Mandel Samuels stated that he was worried about the possibility of a five-story building being built at this location by amending the maps.

Derek Burnett and Samuels said that the amendment would put into doubt the zoning for other buildings along the street, all of which are in conformity with current zoning.

Ed McClure and Steve Lane said that they didn’t see any compelling reasons to alter the zoning.

Will Kellstrom represented the owner and argued that the building along with other buildings on the street had been in use for years for commercial purposes. Additional uses could also be possible. He said that zoning does not necessarily follow streets. A five-story building is impossible on this lot.

John Schmelzle indicated that he was open to the idea of some commercial buildings in the area. However, current zoning permits plenty of commercial uses.

The Village at Pinnacle Hills was approved by commissioners, while the Grotto of Osage Creeks was approved by them.

Pinnacle Hills Village plans consist of 147 units, totaling 369.317 feet. These are south of Perry Road, north at Ajax Avenue, Ozark Exteriors and Bellview Road.

The development will include a variety of housing options, such as bungalows, cottages, lofts with two stories, townhomes and brownstones. According to plans, shop houses will be built on the south-side of the property.

The Grotto at Osage Creeks plans include 130 units covering 158,054 sq. feet. It is located at the Southwest corner of Walnut Street and 28th Street.

The plans include duplexes, three-story apartments and duplexes as well an office, clubhouse, pool and maintenance buildings.

The residential development off 28th Street will border Kindergrove Preschool and Children’s Center to the south and a planned Kum & Go convenience store to the north.

Each item was unanimously approved by the commission. Mark Myers and Kevin Jensen were not present.

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