Simi Makes a Bold Statement with New Tattoo: Fans React to the Ace Singer’s Latest Ink

A clip of renowned Afrobeat singer Simisola, also known as Simi or simply Simi, flaunting a newly acquired tattoo has gone viral.

Simi posed stylishly at a front door, subtly displaying her tattoos.

Photos of Simi and Adekunle Gold
Simi’s photos of her tattoos go viral. Photo credit: Symplysimi Source on Instagram

Some say this is the first time she has ever tattooed her body.

Simi, the woman who celebrated Mother’s Day with a video, is now getting her first tattoos.

Simi shows off her new tattoo in this post:

Simi’s new tattoos garnered a lot of attention from the internet.


The Nigerian idol contestants are worried about U Dey.


“Children of another child.”


“E go say, we’ll give you a deadline to release a new song oh. Do you want that? “Tell us right now oh!”


“Iyawo boda dekunle.”


“Can you simi right now???? I dey si u now beautiful.”


“Simisola in deja’s voice.”


You sef can start small.


“Beautiful mummy Deja.”


Your face looks stressed.


“You sef don dey turn bad pikin o.”


“Oshe Simi and the tattoo, bad gyal Simi.”

Adekunle slams Simi Gold after she called him out on social media

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