Travis Barker’s Fans Express Concern Over Son Landon’s Tattoo

Travis Barker’s fans claim that Landon, the son of the rocker, will see his new tattoo in time as an error.

Fans predicted that Landon, a 19-year-old man who flaunted his new tattoos on Instagram, would soon see the error in his ways.

Travis Barker's son Landon flaunted his new tattoo dedicated to his girlfriend on Instagram
Landon Barker is the son of Travis Barker. He flaunted on Instagram his new tattoo in honour of his girlfriend. Credit: Instagram/Landon Barker
Landon recently got a tattoo of his girlfriend Charli D'Amelio's eye
Landon recently got a tattoo of his girlfriend Charli D’Amelio’s eye credit: Instagram/landonasherbarker

Landon recently posted a picture of his tattooed lean arm on his Instagram Stories.

The design resembled a detailed drawing of Charli D’Amelio, his 19-year-old girlfriend’s eye.

Landon took a photo of his body art almost immediately after completion, as it looked pretty red around the tattoo.

He left the caption off his Story slide and let the image speak for itself.

Too Much, Too Soon

The Blink-182 drummer’s son’s photo enthused fans. It was posted on a Reddit forum, receiving a lot of attention.

Some critics had criticized Landon’s Tattoo, saying that it was not a good decision for him to tattoo an image of Charli on his body when they hadn’t even been together long.

Landon and Charli have been dating since 2022.

One person asked sarcastically, “What happens when they split up?”

Another said: “This is not a sign of a healthy relationship.”

Third: “He will regret that.”

Four fans remarked: “It’s so disgusting and scary, LOL.”

Someone else said: “This looks tacky.”

One person predicted: “He will likely end up with a full-sleeved tattoo, and it will blend.”

Second person: “Or cover it up.” I think that tattoos should not be resented because it is a reminder of his youth and an experience he had. It can also be easily lasered or covered later.


According to a source at Entertainment Tonight, Charli and Landon are dating. They enjoy each other’s companionship.

“Things between them are new, but they share many things in common and have a great time together.”

In June 2022, they were seen together leaving Landon’s show.

This comes nearly two years after Charli’s public breakup from Chase Hudson (aka Lil Huddy), which the two shared on Instagram.

Then, the two showed off new tattoos the same artist created on their Instagram stories on the same day.

Finally, they were seen together at Charli’s sister Dixie’s musical debut party in Los Angeles, California.

Landon hasn’t had a lot of public relationships before Charli.

For her part, Charli’s relationship with Chase Hudson, famously known as Lil Huddy, seems to be the only one of any note.

Lil Huddy’s Instagram page had a photo with Landon before dating rumours spread.

The photo was deleted quickly after the rumours were made public.

Landon's pic eventually made it to Reddit, where it was heavily discussed
Landon’s photo was discussed heavily on Reddit. Credit: Getty
Many fans felt that it was too early in the teens' relationship for Landon to get a tattoo of her on his body
Many fans thought that Landon’s tattoo was inappropriate at this relationship stage.
Landon has only been dating Charli for a year
Charli has been Landon’s girlfriend for only a year credit: ABC/Christopher Willard


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