Wizkid’s Tattoo Obsession Continues: New Ink on Leg Raises Mental Health Concerns


Wizkid, the renowned Nigerian Grammy award-winning artist, seems to be adding more ink to his canvas, raising eyebrows and sparking concerns about his mental well-being. In a recent video circulating on social media, Wizkid can be seen getting another tattoo, this time on his leg, just days after unveiling a new neck tattoo.

The footage captures the tattoo artist diligently at work on Wizkid’s leg while the singer indulges in a moment of relaxation with a smoke. This latest addition to Wizkid’s growing collection of tattoos has ignited discussions about the artist’s well-being and the potential underlying reasons for his sudden affinity for body art.

Watch the latest video capturing Wizkid’s tattoo session:

The recent tattoo session comes hot on Wizkid’s neck tattoo revelation, which stirred online debates and speculation. Images of Wizkid and the tattoo artist at a club surfaced on social media, showcasing the singer’s new neck ink. This development raised questions about the motive behind Wizkid’s sudden surge in tattoo acquisitions.

Wizkid, who has been in Nigeria since his mother’s burial ceremony, had declared a hiatus from his music career earlier. The juxtaposition of his withdrawal from the music scene and the surge in tattoo activity has fueled curiosity and concern among fans and followers.

Reactions to Wizkid’s Tattoo Spree

The news of Wizkid’s latest tattoo venture triggered a range of reactions from the public. Many expressed their concerns about the artist’s mental state, questioning the motivations behind the rapid succession of tattoo sessions. The intersection of superstitions and speculations about diabolical influences added complexity to the discussions.


“He’s still in grief, I said this to someone some days ago. I pray God sends healing to him.”


“Another new ink?? Lil Wayne in the making.”


“This boy might actually be down bad! Doing all these sorts to stay sane!!! Since the death of his mum, he’s been acting like a spirit! May God answer all our unsaid prayers oh.”


“Blud might jus be going through a lot.”

DJ Chicken’s Allegations Against Wizkid

In a related development, DJ Chicken stirred the pot by making allegations against Wizkid in a video. He claimed that the N20 million gift Wizkid gave Money Gee, a hypeman, was associated with sinister practices. According to DJ Chicken, the money was used to redeem Wizkid’s glory, and Money Gee, in accepting it, was purportedly bound to a stagnant fate.

As Wizkid’s tattoo saga unfolds, the public remains intrigued and concerned about the artist’s well-being and the potential symbolism behind his newfound passion for body art. The convergence of spiritual beliefs and mental health discussions adds more complexity to the narrative.

Amid speculation, one thing is clear – Wizkid’s recent tattoo spree has ignited conversations that extend beyond artistry, delving into the sensitive areas of mental health, superstitions, and the challenges artists face in navigating fame and public scrutiny.

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