20 Genius Tattoo Cover Ideas to Conceal Mistakes from Your Youth

Many tattoo lovers will use a coverup to hide mistakes, like a poorly done tattoo, or conceal an ex’s name. This is one of two ways to remove an unwanted tattoo. The other method is laser removal. Here are some ideas for tattoo coverups that you can use to conceal the mistakes made during your youth.

Tattoo cover-up ideas
Tattoo coverups. Photo: Mooji_tt, Instagram. Source: UGC.

Tattoos can be hard to remove after they have been applied. A tattoo coverup is a great way to hide an unwanted or old design. You should find an artist who will integrate the hard lines from the old tattoo into the new design so it looks like the old tattoo never existed.

Cover up your tattoos with these 50 coverup ideas.

Here are some tattoo coverups to inspire you if you want to modify an unwanted tattoo.

1. Coverup tattoo with wings and hearts

Tattoo cover-up ideas
Wings coverup. Photo: @danidemori.tattoo Source: UGC

The old design is a two-winged heart with a central hub. The faded colors have made it unidentifiable. The artist used the blue wings as a background and topped it with a beautiful, colorful bird.

2. Butterfly tattoo coverup


Most female tattoos combine flowers and butterflies. The shoulder tattoo, in this case, is different. It started as a single butterfly but faded with time. However, it has been redesigned into a flower with a butterfly.

Three upper arm coverup ideas


Using the technique above, you can keep the parts of the design you love but redesign those you don’t. It’s a significant improvement, adding more depth to your design.

4. Lion tattoo cover-up

Tattoo cover-up ideas
Lion cover-up. Photo: @oatattoo.com (modified author) Source UGC

Another way to cover up a tattoo is by using a larger one. Most often, the designs that cover up the tattoos take more room than the original designs. The original plan was a small image on the arm, but it was covered to create a large portrait of an enormous lion.

5. Ouroboros to wreath coverup


Ouroboros, an ancient symbol of unity and infinity, is a snake that eats its tail. You can cover this original design by making it into a beautiful ring.

6. Leaves coverup for the shoulder

Easy cover-up tattoo designs
Leaves cover up on the shoulder. Photo: @thiagomuller.tattoo.tattoo.tattoo.tattoo. Instagram (modified author) Source UGC

This is an excellent coverup tattoo idea for women, especially for those who like to ink their boyfriends’ names on their bodies. The original design includes words and love heart symbols. The artist has covered the original image with leaves.

7. Beautiful landscape cover-up

Tattoo cover-up ideas
Landscape coverup design. Photo: @tattooist_zela on Instagram (modified and adapted by the author). Source: UGC

The landscape is an excellent coverup, particularly for those inspired by nature. Although it might not be what you first think of when considering a cover-up tattoo, it could work, depending on your design preference.

8. Stars tattoo retouch

Tattoo cover-up ideas
Stars retouch. Photo: @tattoo_kollektiv (modified by the author) Source: UGC

This tiny wrist tattoo shows perfectly how a few small changes can make a big difference in a design. The artist changed the design by adding a red color and a curvy curve.

9. Quote the art

Tattoo cover-up ideas
Quote an art idea Photo: @gemma_tattooer (modified by the author) Source: UGC.

Quote tattoos can be significant initially, but you may grow out of them with time. Your artist can use a treeline under a starry sky to make the design look artistic.

10. Beautiful cover-up tattoo on the abdomen with flowers

Easy cover-up tattoo designs
Beautiful cover-up tattoo on the thigh with flowers. Photo: @yerae_tt (modified by the author) Source: UGC

Flowers are often regarded as one of the best tattoo cover-up ideas. A talented artist can use them to create a fantastic design that effectively covers any existing work.

11. Small wrist coverup

Tattoo cover-up ideas
Small wrist coverup. Photo: Sinbar Tattoo on Instagram. Source: UGC.

Some artists like to use the previous design when creating a new piece. In this image, for example, the fading colors of the moon are used as the background to the new format.

12. Coverup arm in pear and grapes


Coverup tattoos are similar to old ones, with only a tiny difference. It’s possible that you still like a part of your old tattoo. This could be the design, the color, or the style. You can use the grape design above to create a new piece on top of an old tattoo.

13. Colourful full-sleeve tattoo coverup

Tattoo cover-up ideas
Photo: @Andrey Barkov Grimmy3D on Facebook (modified by author) Source: UGC Photo: @Andrey Markov Grimmy3D (limited by the author) Source: UGC

Some people like to cover their entire sleeves with tattoos. The old tattoo inked on the middle arm was at the elbow. Artists replaced it with a whole sleeve design to make it look beautiful.

14. Small to Large Wrist Coverup


The old wrist tattoo above was relatively small. Coverups have been applied along the forearm to cover the ink and create a detailed design.

15. Letter tattoos into landscapes


If you’re still looking for coverup tattoos, consider landscape tattoos. It comprises mountains and trees to give the design a more natural appearance.

16. Footprints on glassware

Tattoo cover-up ideas
Footprint into glassware. Photo: @tattooist_moony (modified by the author) Source: UGC

Tattoo artists can use a wide range of images, including glassware, to create captivating designs that hide existing ink perfectly, as in the picture above.

17. Tiger tattoo coverup

Tattoo cover-up ideas
Meaningful tiger coverup. Photo: @lucaslenzi (modified by the author) Source: UGC

Tigers have always been an essential source of inspiration to tattoo designers. In the picture above, an infant tiger is transformed into a full-grown one.

18. Ex-name tattoo coverup

Cover-up tattoo ideas for female
Ex-name coverup tattoo. Photo: @mftatu.com (modified and re-posted by author). Source: UGC

You can choose to remove your old name from the design by having a feather tattoo with part of its wings flapping.

19. Cleverly concealing numbers

Tattoo cover-up ideas
Clever number concealment. Photo: @lottie_tattoo from Instagram (modified and re-posted by author). Source: UGC

The artist created a unique design by shading the previous plan to cover the numbers. It’s hard to see what was underneath the detailed shading.

20. Diamond Coverup


Diamonds are a great way to cover up a faded or old tattoo. As they symbolize strength, some people cover up tattoos after a breakup.

You can find many ideas to cover up your tattoos in the list above. Choose one or more, depending on what you prefer.

Harry Potter tattoos can be created using many different symbols and designs.

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