20 Impressive Tattoo Praying Hands Ideas and Their Meaning

A tattoo is one of the most exquisite pieces of body art that anyone can have. It cannot be changed and does not sparkle like jewelry or rings. The most famous tattoo design is the one with the praying hands. These praying hands are a religious symbol of faith, peace, trust, dedication, love, and hope.

tattoos with praying hands
Gorgeous images of tattoos made with praying hands. Photo by @tattootribenj and @muggin.needle. Source: UGC

Women and men both love to have tattoos of the hands praying for blessings. These tattoos are often worn on the back, shoulders, neck, and wrists. These body art are available in many different styles and for different reasons. They can be inked onto your body in a way that honors your loved ones or shows your religious dedication.

20 stunning tattoos featuring praying hands

Many praying hand designs are available. They can be simple or complex, and they come in a variety of colors. You can find inspiration and ideas by looking at the below-praying hand tattoos.

1. Praying with a Rosary

tattoos with praying hands
Men proudly sporting their rosary-shaped praying hand tattoos. Photo by @cherrybombtattoowv. Modified by author
Source: UGC

Many body art designs featuring palms and rosary beads can be found. They represent contemplation, prayer, and deep spiritual practices. The tattoo depicts palms folded and holding a Rosary with beads around it.

2. Praying hands with dove

tattoos with praying hands
Beautiful body art featuring a flying dove. Photo by @nunezinks and @HourglassInk on Facebook (modified to author).
Source: UGC

This tattoo sleeve featuring praying hands and a dove symbolizes love, hope, and peace. The invoking palms signify faith, while the dove symbolizes peaceful coexistence. Individuals who have suffered adversity are often drawn to this tattoo. New start.

3. Prayers with the clouds

tattoos with praying hands
Tattoos of praying hands within the clouds Photo by @CrowSlingnInk, #audreykarine (modified and added by the author)
Source: UGC

A tattoo of a praying hand with clouds signifies hope. The sky symbolizes the infinite possibilities and the endless possibilities ahead. People who are struggling or looking for hope often have this tattoo.

4. Praying hands together with a cross

tattoos with praying hands
A tattoo showing praying hands holding a cross. Photo: @devilztattooznewdelhi, @noel.zapanta on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC

This body art design is a symbol of faith. The cross is a symbol of faith. The invoking palms are a sign of prayer. Religious people who have suffered adversity and sought guidance are likely to wear this tattoo.

5. Praying hands with a clock


The clock’s ticking or passage of time is represented by the intercession hands that are inked with a clock. This tattoo is often seen on people who are incarcerated or suffering from a terminal illness. This tattoo can be used to remind you to enjoy every day.

6. Skeleton praying hands

tattoos with praying hands
Skeleton hands with a rosary. Photo by @ktatattoos and @WynzworldTattoos (modified to author)
Source: UGC

A skeleton tattoo on the hand is believed to be a way to honor those who have died. Many people assume that the design is just a passing trend. This body art can be personalized by adding a phrase, or Biblical references to it.

7. Prayers with angel wings and hands

tattoos with praying hands
Praying hands amid angel wings. Photo by @doug.brogan and @ManchesterInc on Facebook (modified author).
Source: UGC

Protective design: The tattoo of the intercession hands and angel wings is The invoking palms and angel wings represent divine protection. Individuals who are in trouble or seeking safety often adorn this body art.

8. Prayer with an open heart


Love-themed designs include the praying palms with hearting. The invoking palms are for faith, while the heart symbolizes pure love.

9. Gang praying hands

tattoos with praying hands
Gang praying hands featuring an upside-down girl. Photo: @tattoochronic
Source: UGC

Each gang group’s art is often easier to understand than the other criminal groups. However, their body art is significant and is usually only for experienced participants. This is a popular art among gangsters that represents asking God for forgiveness.

10. Praying in scripture with your hands

tattoos with praying hands
A tattoo with praying hands over the scripture. Photo: @tattooeasily
Source: UGC

This beautiful tattoo shows a pair of invoking hands holding a rosary with scripture. The tattoo is visible inside someone’s skin and retains a holy message once it is removed. This ink depicts the Catholic faith through a rosary or sacred writings.

11. Prayer hands for Crown of Thorns

tattoos with praying hands
A tattoo that features praying hands, surrounded by thorns, and a Bible verse at its bottom. Photo: @michaeljohnsontattooz on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC

This tattoo shows Jesus Christ, before he was crucified, praying and looking up at the heavens. It shows Christ with a crown made of thorns as a symbol of Christianity. It is also a memorial to Good Friday and a witness to the Christian faith.

12. Tattoos of roses: Praying hands


The light beams surrounding the praying palms, as well as a cross symbolizing Christian belief, are used to illuminate them. The art has life and color thanks to the red roses planted alongside it. These two styles complement each other and look fantastic together.

13. Praying hands for memorial

tattoos with praying hands
Prayer hands of the mace and grandfather memorial. Photo by @TwistedImage and @scontent on Facebook (modified to author)
Source: UGC

The tatt-of-a-cross with praying palms, a rosary, and praying palms is a memorial design that includes the names of loved ones who have passed away. This is a great way to remember your loved ones, and a fascinating way to keep them in your thoughts every day. This body art serves two purposes: a beautiful memorial and a religious symbol.

14. Prayers for a soldier

tattoos with praying hands
Praying hands with the “PRICE OF FREEDOM” tag. Photo by @tattooeasily (modified and edited by the author)
Source: UGC

The dog tags “The Price of Freedom” are attached to this praying hands tat. This is a body art that is applied to soldiers who risk their lives or bodies. It focuses on protecting their nation and keeping everyone free. It is a symbol of freedom, faith, and sacrifice. Therefore, it should only be inked by veterans.

15. Prayer by zombie’s hands

tattoos with praying hands
Zombie praying hand with a rosary, exposed bones, and a rosary Photo by @IdylTattoo (modified and updated by the author)
Source: UGC

This ink is a wonderful addition for all zombie lovers. The praying palms have open wounds and bones and are now decayed. This disturbing image contrasts starkly with the devotional depiction of invoked palms. It is a wonderful way to make a statement.

16. With praying hands, “Only God can Judge Me” tattoo

tattoos with praying hands
Beautiful hand and chest tattoos. Photo: @creationstationtattoos, @tattooph on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC

This tattoo is quite common around the globe. Only God can judge me. This means that you have to squabble for the best for yourself and follow your dreams. You’re the one who creates and governs your faith and destiny.

17. Prayer hands to the Tibetan sun

tattoos with praying hands
This beautiful tattoo features old and veined prayer hands. Photo by @tattoos (modified to author)
Source: UGC

The Tibetan sun is captivating and always attractive. It is a popular symbol in popular culture. Images of it can be found on CD covers and banners. Although the praying palms aren’t religious, they can be used as a symbol of faith, spirituality, and optimism.

18. Prayer hands that are vibrant and colorful

tattoos with praying hands
Red roses and a nicely-colored tattoo. Photo by @stylesatlife (modified from the author)
Source: UGC

This is a painting featuring praying hands in vibrant colors to make it more appealing and trendy. You can create a realistic portrayal of an invoking tattoo on your palm in different shades. This style is for those who wish to try out colorful and striking tattoos.

19. Chakras with praying hands


Since ancient times, the chakra sign has represented many aspects of the body, mind, and spirit. According to the theory behind the power of the chakra sign, when a specific energy base or chakra is concentrated on with lots of energy, the mind can activate growth and healing.

20. Skull praying hand

tattoos with praying hands
A tattoo of praying hands with a skull and skeleton hand. Photo by @jgotti1 @bondars_tattoo (modified and updated by the author
Source: UGC

Religion is essential to every person’s existence. A sign of spirituality is to hold your palms in prayer. This art can be both stylish and spiritual, but also expressive. It is associated with reverence and silence, as well as prayer.

Below are some of our favorite tattoos featuring praying hands and their meanings. These tattoos are suitable for both men as well as women. They can be placed on any part of the body. They can get them inked on their bodies as a tribute to loved ones, as a mark of respect, or as religious dedication.

Tattoos.news This great guide contains a list of traditional American tattoos and their meaning. The evolution of classic body art has occurred naturally over time. While a traditional American painting is a tribute to the history of tattooing, it also provides significant symbolic value.

Beautiful works of American body art are inked on individuals’ bodies. These amazing works of art stand out with bold lines and carefully chosen colors. They are used to show America’s rich tradition and cultural diversity.

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