20 Mouthwatering Pizza Tattoos for Ultimate Foodie Ink


Pizza is famous worldwide, though it is an Italian-originated dish. Whether it is a child or an adult, pizza is an irresistible dish for all, and a Pizza tattoo can perfectly represent your love for the same. A cheesy pizza with your favourite toppings can turn any bad day into a beautiful one.

Though you might know what you want, reviewing some of the pizza tattoo designs presented in this article will always give you new options to add to your body art. Read on!

20 Quirky Pizza Tattoo Designs:

We have listed a set of pizza tattoo design options that give you an idea about what you would want before getting one permanently.

1. Pizza Slice Tattoo on Ankle:

Pizza Slice Tattoo On Ankle

Suppose you are a fan of minimalist tattoos and pizza. This tiny pizza slice tattoo can be a perfect option for anyone, regardless of gender. The thin lines and authentic colours like brown for the crust, yellow for the cheese, and red for the pepperoni can perfectly depict the tattoo naturally. Also, since it is a tiny tattoo, you can get it done on the ankle or the wrist as the wearer.

2. Cute Pizza Cartoon Tattoo:

Cute Pizza Cartoon Tattoo

Cartoons have depicted many of our favourite characters, different types of foods, confections or junk food being no exception. This pizza slice looks very cute, though it is done only in black ink. Adding eyes, nose, and blushes makes the pizza more attractive and personal for the wearer. The addition of the word sweet in cursive letters might mean the view of the wearer toward the pizza.

3. Pizza Slice Tattoo on the Thigh:

Pizza Slice Tattoo On The Thigh

Anyone’s mouth will start to water with one look at the cheese-dripping pizza. So, a pizza tattoo looks attractive on anyone, regardless of gender. Though many people love pizza, not many are fans of this refreshment. If you are one of those and want to represent the same permanently, this one is for you. However, remember that tattoo is permanent, and choose the design wisely. If you still want to proceed with this tattoo design, ensure you get it somewhere; you can cover it up if needed.

4. Simple Pizza Tattoo:

Simple Pizza Tattoo

If you want simplicity from a tattoo and are a first-timer getting one, this half-eaten pizza tattoo design might be for you. This tattoo design is pretty and straightforward without too many complicated details or colours. However, depending on your preference, you can always experiment and get it done in colours or leave it in black ink. The perfect size for such tattoos is small, and the ideal place is the arm, leg, wrist, or ankle.

5. Minimalist Pizza Tattoo:

Minimalist Pizza Tattoo

When you want to get a minimalist tattoo design, you want to showcase your love for pizza in an understated and straightforward way. You can create a clean, modern pizza tattoo design with sleek lines, minimal details, and shading. This way, you can capture the essence of pizza elegantly and cleanly while not occupying too much space because of the tattoo’s size. The perfect place to engrave this tattoo is near the elbow, wrist, and ankle.

6. Cheese Pizza Tattoo:

Cheese Pizza Tattoo

One popular combination is pubs, a slice of pizza with beer, and it is trendy among pizza and beer enthusiasts. If you are a fan of this delicious pairing and want to get them as a tattoo, the one in the picture can be very helpful. This tattoo has a delicious cheesy pizza with pepperoni and olive toppings in original colours, which contrasts the pint of beer in shades of black and white. Since it is an extensive tattoo, you can do it on the bicep, arm, or thigh. However, make sure you want to get such tattoos before making a final choice because tattoos last a lifetime.

7. Intimate Pizza Tattoo Designs:

Intimate Pizza Tattoo Designs

A pizza tattoo can also perfectly express the wearer’s intimate and personal feelings for their loved one. As you can see, a woman is lovingly caressing the slice of pizza filled with their favourite flavour. You can use a contrasting colour for the woman’s attire. The authentic colours for the pizza make it a perfect combination. True love is written in cursive letters, indicating the wearer’s love for pizza. Using multiple colours is the key to bringing out the beauty of such tattoos.

8. Cheesy Pizza Tattoo on the Arm:

Cheesy Pizza Tattoo On The Arm

This is another slice of pizza dripping with cheesy goodness in addition to the pepperoni topping. Unlike the other tattoo designs, the wearer has gotten a bit bigger, and the details look realistic. The tattoo has bold outer lines highlighting it beautifully. Depending on the size of the tattoo you wish to get, it looks beautiful on the leg, arm, bicep, or back.

9. Pizza Tattoo for a Couple:

Pizza Tattoo For A Couple

If you are looking for a couple’s tattoo that stands out and has a deeper meaning, this pizza tattoo can be a perfect choice. Though there are many ways a couple can get a pizza tattoo with their partner, the one depicted in the picture is one of the popular ways. For example, one person would get a complete pizza without a space for one slice. At the same time, their partner would get a tattoo of the missing single slice in the same place. This way, the tattoo can indicate that the wearers complete each other like puzzles.

10. Pizza Slice Tattoo Black and White:

Pizza Slice Tattoo Black And White

Pizza and a cup of soft drink are popular snack options for Gen Z and millennials because they are quick, and many people have positive memories. However, unlike all the other tattoos, this design has bold borders and a slight black shading. Furthermore, the pizza is filled with veggies like mushrooms and pepperoni in addition to cheese. The forearm, Hand, or leg is the best place to get this tattoo.

11. Tiny Pizza Tattoo Ideas:

Tiny Pizza Tattoo Ideas

When you want to express your love for pizza in a fun and whimsical way, this tiny pizza slice tattoo idea can be a perfect choice. Chota packet bada dhamaka is a Hindi phrase that means even something small can possess a lot of surprises. Therefore, you can include a small pizza slice with pepperoni, tomato sauce, and cheese, making for a delicious-looking tattoo.

12. Pizza Tattoo Near the Elbow:

Pizza Tattoo Near The Elbow

The inclusion of cartoons has been a popular choice for tattoos among many people because they associate cartoons with childhood memories. As shown in the picture, a honey bee is carrying the pizza slice, which can symbolize the wearer’s love for the pizza and the cartoon character. Though you can use colours, a black-and-white tattoo also looks perfect anywhere you get it.

13. Pizza Skull Tattoo on the Hand:

Pizza Skull Tattoo On The Hand

Not everyone likes things happy, feely, and peachy. However, suppose you are one of the people who want to have an edge incorporated into your tattoo. In that case, this pizza and skull tattoo is a perfect choice. Instead of the regular cheese and toppings, the wearer has gotten a skull engraved onto the slice of pizza. Depending on the size of the tattoo design, you can get it on the wrist, arm, or even the back.

14. Detailed Pizza Tattoo Pictures:

Detailed Pizza Tattoo Pictures

This is another pizza tattoo where there is an involvement of phrases that are close to the wearer’s heart and represent their personality. If you don’t like colourful tattoos, this simple yet detailed black-lined pizza slice tattoo can be an ideal choice. Though the pizza might look pretty simple, adding the phrase ‘ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER SLICE’ is engraved, meaning having pizza is a routine for the wearer and is pretty essential for them.

15. Pineapple Pizza Tattoo:

Pineapple Pizza Tattoo

Suppose you are a cartoon fan and want a cartoon-style pizza tattoo. In that case, this beautiful pineapple and pizza words tattoo can be a perfect choice. As you can see in the picture, there is a pineapple, a pizza slice, and the words pizza written inside a heart. In addition, you can add decorative borders and bold lines, creating a unique tattoo. This tattoo perfectly represents the wearer’s love for pizza, pineapple, or both. Using colours can be an ideal way to make it look authentic.

16. Colourful Pizza Tattoo Design:

Colourful Pizza Tattoo Design

This is a colourful slice of pizza tattoo with an inspirational quote or phrase with a deeper meaning for the wearer. This way, you can combine fun and serious elements, creating a perfect combination. For example, the wearer has the words SLICE LIFE written across the pizza slice, representing pizza’s importance in the wearer’s life. In addition, using multiple colours can bring a realistic look to the design.

17. Pizza Tattoo Flash:

Pizza Tattoo Flash

Pizza tattoo flash refers to a ready-made design often used by tattoo artists as a reference. As depicted in the picture, you can add cute little hearts instead of regular circular pepperoni. So you can get this playful and cute tattoo with a pizza and heart design. Furthermore, you can also get the pizza in the shape of a heart if you want. Depending on the tattoo’s size, you can get it engraved anywhere.

18. Hearty Pizza Tattoo Idea:

Hearty Pizza Tattoo Idea

A slice of pizza dripping with cheese and topped with pepperoni is a delicious dream for pizza lovers. If you are an adherent fan of this food and want to incorporate your love in the form of body art, then getting a tattoo can be a perfect idea. The wearer in this picture has a slice of pizza engraved vertically and on the ankle. Using authentic colours makes the slice of pizza look very real. You can get this tattoo done on the ankle or wrist.

19. Unique Pizza Slice on the Arm:

Unique Pizza Slice On The Arm

This design can be ideal if you want to implement uniqueness into the pizza tattoo designs. Unlike the other plans using bright colours and needs, this one has a stand-out design and a unique coloured finish. Orange is used for the crust of the pizza slice, while purple or blue is used for the toppings. The best place to get this tattoo engraved is the elbow or arm.

20. Pizza Tattoo Design Behind the Ear:

Pizza Tattoo Design Behind The Ear

The area behind the ear is a unique and stand-out place to incorporate pizza designs. The cheesy pizza size looks extremely real, whether the tasty elements or the words you use. Finally, use colours to retain the originality of the pizza slice. However, the space behind the ear looks perfect for the tattoo. Of course, you can always add elements to make the process more memorable.


Getting a tattoo is a long-term commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. So whether it is a simple one or a quirky one like pizza tattoos, it is always best to be sure. Therefore, to make your choice process much more accessible, we have curated a list of some of our favourite pizza tattoos you can try. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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