Announcing the Winner of the 2023 Farmer Appreciation – Seed Edition

Southern Saskatchewan is in the thick of seeding! We are with you with Farmer Appreciation – Seed Edition, presented by Silver Star Salvage & Recycling.

Share your photos and tell us about the operation! We are sending lunch courtesy of Déjà Vu Café to hardworking teams throughout southern Saskatchewan. Those teams get to pay it forward, surprising a fellow farm with lunch too!

And all entries qualify for the GRAND PRIZE: $1000 of FMC’s Express SG from Parrish & Heimbecker.

Susanna Heinrich, from Davidson, is the first winner. She has paid it forward to John McJannet and Susan McJannet.

Rob Carnie, CHAB, caught up with Susanna and talked about seeding, the operation, which includes international workers, and her son’s prairie tattoo.

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