Ben Affleck’s Tattoos – The Meaning Behind Actor’s Ink

Ben Affleck’s tattoo collection has grown over the years.

The Air Jennifer Lopez, actress and director, recently revealed that she was getting free tattoos for her husband.

Affleck, who has amassed quite a collection tattoos, may not have as much ink.

“I do have some tattoos but I try to have them in places where you don’t have to do a lot of cover-ups — they get sort of addictive, after a while,” he confessed to Additional 2016 In 2016.

“Ben seems like he is down the road pretty far,” Affleck’s friend Matt Damon joked. E! Insider Affleck got 62 tattoos total in 2019. “If he requests, I will get him one. It would probably be small because he doesn’t have enough space.

This is everything we know about Affleck. tattoos All that he said about them.

Two arrows bearing “J” or the “B” initials

ben affleck JLO tattoo

Lopez informed Lopez that Affleck had given Lopez complimentary tattoos in celebration of their first Valentine’s Day. The Shotgun Wedding Instagram photo showing the actress with the new ink

On the singer’s ribcage, there is ink with an infinity symbol and the names “Jennifer” & “Ben” in cursive. Affleck has two crosses in his tattoo. The letter J can be seen above the crossed cross arrows and the letter “B” below.

Commitment ♾️ Happy Valentine’s Day my love ?,” Lopez captioned the photos, teasing that she would share more details shortly in her On the J Lo newsletter.


*PREMIUM-EXCLUSIVE* Ben Affleck Defends His Massive Back Tattoo After Admitting 'Sentiment Ran Against' It **FILE PHOTOS**

A huge, cross-shaped tattoo covers Affleck’s left arm. In Lopez’s 2002 “Jenny from the Block” music video, the tattoo was first clearly seen. While lounging on a yacht with the singer, he was wearing a white tank top and sleeves.

The ink was once again displayed in GigliThe romantic comedy film “The”, released in 2003, was a comedy. Lopez, who starred as Ricki the free-spirited, gangster character, was also in the film.

The tattoo evolved over time. The initial design was a hollowed cross shape. Later, it became a vibrant design with floral arrangements.

Roses, a blade, and playing card

Ben Affleck Gigli - 2003 Director: Martin Brest Columbia/Revolution Studios USA Scene Still Amours troubles
Columbia/Revolution Studios/Kobal/Shutterstock

Affleck also has a second tattoo to his left shoulder. It is a large cross surrounded by a cross. You can see this in the projects above. His right shoulder design is more complicated and includes a large, upward-facing knife surrounded with playing cards and an angelic figure. These are all atop a bed of red roses. A barbed wire band runs from his right bicep to his left.

Affleck wasn’t able to go into all the details of each tattoo, but he did tell Entertainment Tonight 2017 was a year of “enough inspiration to do it all.” To make the story more compelling you must be closer to the source than you are now, he said.

A phoenix

BackGrid/Image Direct

Affleck sports a bright phoenix tattoo at the back of his upper body. During an interview, the actor said it was “meaningful” as well as “represents something important”. Ellen DeGeneres Show April 2019,

Affleck’s entire back was inked when he shot his first filming. Live by Night December 2015. December 2015. Additional March 2016.

DeGeneres was fascinated by his tattoo, when it became a topic. It is very satisfying. It’s my lucky day.

A dolphin

Ben Affleck is seen on May 23, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.
BG004/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

A tattoo of a Dolphin on Affleck’s right side is a tattoo. It was first seen on November 2011. Although Affleck has not provided much information, it was reported previously that the tattoo was intended to conceal the name of his high-school sweetheart.

Initials “OV”

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon take time out to hit the waves while on a Hawaiian holiday with their families. The childhood pals went for a run along the beach then went surfing before heading back to the beach house they are staying in with their wives and children. Affleck is married to actress Jennifer Garner and Damon married to Luciana Barroso.

A set of initials is worn by Affleck on his right shoulder blade. It’s unclear what they mean. The tat has an “O”, and “V”, with “MOH TE” written above, and “TA OR” below. This mystery remains unsolved.

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