Bhad Bhabie’s Latest Tattoo Receives Online Roast

Bhad Bhabie has immortalized her love for her man with a new tattoo, but it seems like the unforgiving internet isn’t here for her latest body art.

TMZ Take a look at some of the photos. Dr. Phil alum’s latest ink, which is her man’s name — Le Vaughn — in red cursive script placed just above her left breast. She also matched that art with four 1’s in red script, which was used to cover a previous lover’s name, and which is believed to be a reference to Le Vaughn’s birthday (11/11).

Le Vaughn returned the favor by getting a tattoo of the rapper’s real name (Danielle Marie) in black script on his neck.

As romantic as the gestures might seem, many weren’t feeling matching ink, with one person joking in the comment section of TMZ‘s tweet: “She might want to ask Pete Davidson now for his advice on the best tattoo removal specialist.”

“Smh. Why do they do that? They don’t think it all the way through. What’s plan B when they break up,” another Twitter user wrote.

A third used Bhad Bhabie’s name to throw shade on her new ink, writing: “She’s burning the candle at both ends, it seems. She went to about 41 in five years. Bhad Tats Bhad decision making.”

There was no shortage of snarky comments remarking that the rapper’s body art was a “sure sign” that the pair would be together forever.

For her part, though, Bhad Bhabie isn’t afraid to court controversy, as she demonstrated when she celebrated her 20th birthday by giving her mother a lap dance.

TMZ was again on-hand when the “Gucci Flip Flops” rapper flew on a private jet to her home state of Florida for her big day on March 26. Her celebration at her home with friends and family was a great success.

“She didn’t learn this from me because I don’t know how to do it,” her mother Barbara told the outlet.

Bhad Bhabie is a woman who can inspire, even in her darkest moments. This was demonstrated by the inspirational speech she gave at Oxford University.

The speech happened last November, when students waited outside in the rain for hours until the then-19-year-old’s address.

Bhad Bhabie spoke about the abuse she endured at the Turn-About Ranch, dealing with fame at such a young age, running her lucrative Only Fans account, and her new scholarship fund giving back to “young hustlers” like herself.

“While developing this scholarship program, it was great collaborating with Educapital’s Aisha Rodriguez and Dr. Brenita Mitchell, both amazing women giving amazing opportunities to the next generation of entrepreneurs,” she said.

“We didn’t want to just give out tuition funds but also help the grads with startup capital to launch their businesses. I can’t wait to see what these young hustlers do.”

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