Drake Debuts New Face Tattoo Inspired By His Hometown


In a recent update to his ever-evolving canvas, Drake made headlines by adding a new facial tattoo. The renowned rapper and artist, also known as “The Boy,” showcased his latest ink, sparking conversations among fans and the curious alike. The fresh tattoo, located right above his right eyebrow, boldly displays the word “miskeen.” This addition to his collection has ignited discussions about its significance and become a focal point for those intrigued by Drake’s choice of body art.

The term “miskeen” has roots in the Arabic language, specifically derived from the word “miskin,” translating to “poor.” Interestingly, it also serves as a slang term within Toronto’s Somali community, adding a layer of cultural nuance to Drake’s ink. Photographer Brent Kore captured the moment, sharing a photo taken during Drake’s attendance at Canadian T.V. personality Tyrone “T-rex” Edwards’ Nostalgia Party. The rap legend Fat Joe took the stage, with Drake positioned front and center to witness the performance.

This isn’t Drake’s first foray into facial tattoos. Last year, the “Evil Ways” artist adorned his face with his mother’s initials, “S.G.,” placed just under his left eye. The tribute to Sandra Gale was a poignant and personal addition to his extensive collection. The tattoo artist, @_n.a.l on Instagram, shared a video of the process, capturing the intricate moment Drake got the letter “G” inked onto his face.

As the photograph of his latest tattoo circulates, Drake has remained tight-lipped about its meaning or significance. The lack of commentary from the artist has only fueled speculation and intrigue among fans. While the exact timing of the creation of the new tattoo remains undisclosed, it surfaced in the public eye just days after Drake unveiled his latest musical project, “For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition.” This edition features six new tracks, including a collaboration with the esteemed J. Cole. Notably, the songs contain unabashed lyrical content, with Drake aiming for figures such as Joe Budden and Pusha T.

Drake’s penchant for using his body as a canvas for personal expression has become a hallmark of his public persona. Each tattoo tells a story, and “miskeen” is undoubtedly no exception. As fans dissect the meaning behind this latest addition, one can’t help but wonder about the motivations and inspirations that drive Drake’s choices in body art. With a career marked by innovation and evolution, his tattoos become more than ink on the skin—they become symbols of the chapters and narratives woven into the fabric of his life and career.

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