Elle King Butt Tattoo Sparks Controversy


Elle King Removes Butt Tattoo Photo After Explaining Its Meaning

Elle King recently caused a stir by deleting an Instagram photo where she showcased a new tattoo on her backside. The cheeky caption caused speculation about the ink’s significance.

King’s original post explained that the word “brethren” was a tribute to the men who helped her raise her son. “I always said I’d get my baby daddy’s name tattooed on my butt. So I did… I wouldn’t want to do life without y’all,” she wrote. However, the post has mysteriously vanished, leaving fans curious about her change of heart.

This isn’t the first time King has sparked controversy. Her recent performance at a Dolly Parton tribute concert drew criticism for appearing intoxicated, with the singer seemingly forgetting lyrics to several Parton classics.

Elle King’s Openness About Motherhood

King has since apologized for her performance, and Parton seems to have forgiven her. The singer has also been candid about her experiences with motherhood and body image.

“I want to share my journey from 284 lbs at 5’3 after pregnancy in 2021, to now in 2023,” she shared on Instagram. “It doesn’t happen overnight… it’s an ongoing process.”

King also revealed struggles with depression both during and after her pregnancy. “I felt trapped in my body,” she admitted. To combat these feelings, King adopted a regular workout routine focusing on “light cardio” and building strength.

Fans eagerly anticipate King’s return to the music scene with a new country album. Its success will offer insight into how her recent controversies have impacted her career.

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