Discover Selena Gomez’s Tattoos: A Comprehensive Guide

A Tattoo is a life-long commitment – no pressure. The sheer variety of colors offered at nail salons can overwhelm us, but one person is able to decide. Actress Selena Gomez Although she is best known for being Disney’s favourite teen wizard, she also has a well-curated collection of fashionable clothes. tattoos This is truly magic.

If you’re considering taking the plunge and going under the needle, the 30-year-old sports a striking collection of inks that each have a beautiful, and yet subtle, impact – serving as the perfect source of tattoo inspiration.

Hello! Fashion Selena Gomez is discussed in greater details tattoo collection:

Lowercase “g”

Selena Gomez G Tattoo
Selena is sporting a cursive font tattoo with a lowercase “g” in cursive font. It’s located behind her left ear. This font is believed to be a tribute to her younger sister, Gracie. 


Selena Gomez Tattoo Numerals
On the nape of her neck is a Roman numeral tattoo “LXXVI”, which translates as the number 76 – likely about her mother’s birth year, 1976.


Her left outer wrist is covered by an inked semicolon. This was inked by the actress as a result of her work as an executive producer on Netflix’s hit show. 13 Reasons Why You Should Care. The punctuation symbol is used to represent Project Semicolon. It is a suicide prevention program.

“Love Yourself First!”

Selena Gomez Arabic Tattoo

Selena hugged Only Murders in the House Steve Martin, her costar at the 2022 Emmy Awards were there to display her shoulder tattoo. This is an Arabic phrase that means “Love Yourself First”.


The 30-year-old has the name of one of her albums, “Rare”, tattooed just below her right earlobe – also nodding to the name of her beauty brand.

Music note

Selena Gomez Music Note Tattoo

Selena’s symbol is on her right outside wrist. It refers to her relationship music and seems to be without any explanation. She stated that everyone assumed it was the heart. Music has a significant influence on her life. Access Hollywood 2012 2012.

“God Is My Strength”

Selena is proud to have a tattoo on her right thigh with the phrase “God Who Strengthens Me”, which may be a reference in some Bible verses she cherishes.

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