God of War Fan’s Incredible Real-Life Custom Atreus Tattoo

The adventures of Kratos’ son Atreus are not over when you play Santa Monica Studio’s God of War Ragnarok One franchise fans decided they wanted to memorialize their love. God of War Atreus’ tattoos can be personalized to fit the series. Amazon’s new game, “Atreus: The Runic Tattoos,” will significantly add to the series. God of War The company’s streaming service will soon offer TV series.

First appearance in the critically acclaimed 2018 film God of WarAtreus, Kratos’ son, is now in the care of the Ghost after his mother Faye died. Usually portrayed as more caring, sympathetic, and compassionate than his stoic, stone-faced dad, Atreus still possesses Kratos’ stubbornness. This leads to the two occasionally butting heads throughout God of War, Its 2022 sequel God of War, Ragnarok. Atreus’ tattoos inspire many franchise fans who wish to get video game tattoos.

The new owners are eager to share their excitement. God of WarhalestormLA shared a picture of his impressive tattoo on the r/GodofWar Reddit subreddit. The tattoo appears to be a replica of Atreus’ arm decorations, but the story inspired the message that halestormLA chose to add to the runes. God of War franchise. This custom uses the same Norse Runes as Atreus to line his arms. God of War Tattoo uses runes to spell the quote, “Open/Close your Heart to It.”

Decided to get Atreus’ arm tattoo. It’s whatever.
byu/halestormLA inGodofWar

The response to halestomLA’s stunning, Atreus-inspired tattoo was overwhelmingly positive, with one famous comment paraphrasing Kratos’ oft-repeated refrain by posting, “Read the runes, boi….” Other Redditors were amused by the not-so-subtle callback to the games included in the post’s title, which concludes with Atreus’s signature exclamation of “whatever.” Some responses shared their plans for their own God of wWarRagnarokThe Future will bring themed tattoos, prompting one commenter’s joke that he would love to get Freya tattoos but “get frustrated when I cannot get them to glow” blue.

This is not the first time that this has happened. God of War Atreus’ tattoos are a fan favorite. The runes that were customized make this ink work truly unique. It’s unclear what Atreus’s future in the franchise will hold, but the tattoos on this player’s arm will remain a permanent part of their collection.

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