Grimes Unveils Her Unique Collection of Tattoos: A Closer Look

Grimes’ avant-garde music is not the only thing that makes her unique. Her artistic talent extends far beyond her music. The pop star recently expanded their ever-evolving tattoo collection by debuting two new designs in June — a massive piece of ink that spans nearly her entire left leg and a smaller ear tattoo. (The latter was so close to a face tattoo that she almost got it, tweeted (After the fact)

Grimes also has 25 other tattoos. It may surprise you that many of Grimes’ tattoos were spur-of-the-moment decisions. In a 2016 Teen Vogue story, she said: “I don’t decide what I want to get tattooed until about 10 minutes before the appointment.” Grimes works with several tattooists to create new designs for her tattoos.

Grimes’s tattoos have increased exponentially over the past few years. Fans may find it challenging to keep track. We have created a guide to allow you to view all of Grime’s tattoos. Look at her collection of tattoos, from her LOTR-inspired Elvish script to her bold brushstroke leg design.

Grimes Leg Tattoo

On June 1, Grimes revealed her latest leg tattoo via social media while thanking the artist who created it. Daniela. The ink resembles a sprig with delicate leaves and a crescent moon above her left knee. The design is bright red and covers her entire leg, from her ankle to mid-thigh.

Grimes Ear Tattoo

Grimes revealed another new tattoo on her right ear in June. “Closest to ever letting anyone tattoo my face,” she said. Wrote Along with a close-up of the design. Spiky black markings are visible on her upper right cartilage.

Back Tattoo of Grimes Alien Scars

The singer received her most impressive design in April 2021. Grimes’ entire back is covered with a white-ink design that, according to her Instagram caption, represents “beautiful Alien scars”.

Grimes Dagger Calf Tatt

Grimes's Dagger Calf Tattoo
Image Source: Getty / Dominique Charriau

Grimes tattooed a dagger in black ink on her left leg, later partly covered by her brush stroke style tattoo.

Grimes’s Brushstroke Cover-Up Leg tattoo

Grimes had a black-ink brushstroke tattoo on her left leg done in 2017. The large tattoo starts above her knee and goes down to the top of her foot. The broad paint-style strokes read “тихо,” which is the Russian word for “quiet” or “calmness.”

Grimes’s “The Lord of the Rings”, Inspired Finger Tattoos

Grimes and Hana Pestle drew their love for “The Lord of the Rings”. The singer placed the naughty texts on her left finger, reading: “Contradiction,” Be ready for war,” No shields allowed.” Pestle, which was on her hand, fell on Gandalf’s quote.

Grimes’s Butterfly Arm Tattoo

Grimes was tattooed with a red and black butterfly on her right forearm Jancob. This was done in March 2021.

Grimes Chest Tattoo

Grimes's Chest Tattoo
Image Source: Getty / Vivien Killilea

Grimes’ chest tattoo continues the full-back design in white ink. The design features curvy symmetrical lines that cross at her sternum. The artist revealed in her Instagram story in February 2022 that this tattoo is her “long, slow effort” to achieve a “full alien body,” and she would like to “be covered in white ink.”

Grimes’s “The Legend of Zelda Arm Tattoo”

Image Source: Getty

The Triforce logo from the popular videogame series “The Legend of Zelda”, which the singer got in a matching tattoo with her brother, is visible on the singer’s forearm. She said: “‘The Legend of Zelda’ was my first video game and that of my brothers. So we got matching Triforce Tattoos.” Bullett Media In a 2012 interview.

Grimes’s heart shoulder tattoo

Grimes inked the heart outline on her left side shoulder.

Grimes’s Head Tattoo

Grimes's Head Tattoo
Image Source: Getty / ANGELA WeISS

Three horizontal black lines are tucked behind Grimes’ right ear into her hair.

Grimes left-hand tattoos

Grimes’s “8” tattoo

Grimes outlined “8” on the left side of her hand. It is her lucky number. Her 2012 album “Visions” also includes “Eight.”

Grimes’s “Beautiful” Tattoo

The word “Beautiful” in cursive on Grimes’s left hand is below her fingers. She says, “I was performing in New Zealand, and this guy told me, “I will give you a free Tattoo if I come to your show,” told Teen Vogue.

Grimes’ tattoo is significant even though it was done in a flash. The singer told Rolling Stone The word was said in a 2020 conversation as a tribute to the 2002 name-sake Christina Aguilera song.

Grimes Greek Meander Tattoo

She has decorative Greek meander lines inked on her left index finger and two black bands that wrap around her pinky finger — both of which are DIY creations. The elvish script she added to these finger tattoos now covers them.

Grimes Alien Head Tattoo

Grimes also tattooed an alien head on the back of her hand just below her thumb. She said that she attributed the design to her belief in extraterrestrials. Over the foreign leader is a tiny stick figure with its limbs swinging.

Grimes’s Geometrical middle finger tattoo

In November 2016, Delphine Noiztoy created an intricate geometric pattern using concentric triangles on Grimes’ middle finger. The tattooist described the condition as a “swollen finger”. Captioned Instagram Post showing off fresh tattoos

Grimes Crescent Thumb Tattoo

Grimes has a crescent moon outline on his left thumb.

Grimes Brushwork Cross Cover-Up Tattoo

Grimes's Brushwork Cross Cover-up Tattoo
Image Source: Getty

Grimes had a solid cross tattooed on her wrist. She later changed it to a cross with brush strokes. Speaking with Teen Vogue In a 2016 cover article, she revealed that she wanted to “cover up a terrible tattoo that I had gotten when I was younger.” In a 2016 cover story, she explained, “I didn’t grow up religious, but it was a comforting design to me.”

Grimes Chain Forearm Tattoo

Grimes wears a chain of circular links around her left forearm and wrist. The chain extends up to the upper part of her arm. The singer also has a chevron line etched around her left wrist that she drew herself — her friend initially designed it.

Grimes Ribcage Tattoo

Grimes's Ribcage Tattoo
Image Source: Getty

Inspired by Norse Mythology, Grimes had the runic alphabet engraved over her right side ribcage. Done by Delphine Noiztoy in November 2016, the ink includes the symbol “ᚷᛈᚫ ᚷᛗᚫ,” which translates to the English letters “gpa gma.” This tattoo’s meaning is unknown.

Grimes Palm Tattoos

On the inside of Grimes’s left palm are a bunch of symbols hand-poked by artist Grace Neutral in 2017, including the alchemy symbol for Jupiter (♃) inked on the inside of her middle finger and various cryptic sigils.

Grimes’s “Фай” Knee Tattoo

Grimes's "Фай" Knee Tattoo
Image Source: Getty / Kevin Mazur/MG18

Grimes did another tattoo at home in September 2017. She used a stick and poke kit. Placed horizontally above her right knee are three Cyrillic alphabets, “Фай,” which translates to “faé,” an archaic way of referring to a group of “fairies.”

Grimes’s Right-Hand tattoo

Grimes’s right index finger has two vertical straight lines. One of them is a horizontal line with small, evenly distributed horizontal dots.

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