Is The Legend of Zelda’s Triforce the hottest gaming tattoo? Probably

There’s more to the Triforce than just a few triangles. It’s a symbol of power, courage, and wisdom — the ultimate source of strength and influence. It’s been in every Zelda game since The Legend of Zelda was released in Japan in 1986 — though in the first game, Link was only in search of two, the Triforce of Wisdom and the Triforce of Power. It was. Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link Nintendo’s original introduction of the motif was in the game’s symbolism where it gathered the individual triangular triangles together to create the legendary Triforce.

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Polygon will go on a mission in 2023. Zeldathon. Start your journey through The Legend of Zelda. We’ll start in 1986 and end with The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

It’s so simple but easily recognizable. Triforce holders are identified by the glowing seals of light they hold in their hands. This is a visual indicator that Link is important. It was Made to be a tattoo — an actual tattoo scratched into the skin with needles and ink.

And so it’s no surprise that Triforce tattoos These are some of the most beloved gaming tattoos. One tattoo artist estimated he’d done more than 60 in a single year. It’s hard to overstate the ubiquity of the Triforce tattoo; you’ve surely seen them don arms and legs locally, and there are pages and pages of Triforce tattoos on Reddit and Google threads. Many thousands of people have hashtagged pictures on Instagram with #triforcetattoo. There are jokes, too: “Tattoo Parlor Refuses to Do Swastikas, Iron Crosses, and Triforces,” reads one facetious jab at the iconography.

A close-up of Link’s hand in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The three triangles that comprise the Triforce glow through his glove, with the top triangle glowing the brightest.

The Triforce on Link’s hand in The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
Image: You can also visit our website at Nintendo

The four tattoo artists I spoke to agreed it’s an immensely popular option — one tattoo artist even has seven Triforce tattoos on Their body. Popularity of the games isn’t the only reason. tattoo artist Kim Hikaru Triforce tattoos: These are much easier to get because they are easily concealed and can cost less.

“A good icon to tattoo is simple in design,” tattoo artist Jess Soares told Polygon. “It’s something that can be seen from far away and makes you go, Hey! Is this a Zelda Tattoo, or? The Triforce does that.”

A faint Triforce tattoo on a person’s hand Photo by Sabrina Camacho

Sabrina CamachoArtists who are able to communicate with the public. Tattoos at Snowbird Studio in Austin, Texas, agreed: “The Triforce is such recognizable and subtle iconography,” they said. “I think people get Triforce Tattoos because they’re all-encompassing. Everyone has their Zelda. And the Triforce is the icon that connects them all — throughout all of the lore, art styles, and characters, it stays.”

Tattoos of Triforce often have a profound personal meaning for the owners. Nathalia de Matos (33) a New Zealand medical laboratory technician said that the games are important to her family. She played Legend of Zelda She was 4 years old when her family moved from Brazil, to the United States. “The earliest example I have is from a home video that my mother took of me and my siblings watching and cheering on my father whilst he played the first Legend of Zelda,” she said. The games continued to play a role in her life as “a source of escapism,” she said. “The tattoo was a way for me to give thanks for the comfort that the franchise provided throughout my childhood and into my late 20s.” It’s her only tattoo.

Hikaru, a tattoo artist, stated that he had a client receive the Triforce tattoo when he was diagnosed as having cancer. The courage triangle glows while the rest of the tattoos are all gray.

There’s a sense of community among people who have Triforce tattoos. Many people view video games as a lonely pastime. Video games are often viewed as a lonely hobby that can only be seen on a screen with a controller. There’s truth to that, but video games also bring people together — in online communities sharing tips and tricks; in parks battling in Pokémon GoYou may find yourself huddled around the computer screen, on the sofa or spilling onto the ground.

A woman laying on a Gengar Squishmallow, propped up by a tattooed arm.Photo: Nicole Carpenter/Polygon

I didn’t intend to get a Triforce tattoo. I’d booked an appointment to get a portrait of Zelda, though — an American traditional-style lady head. The tattoo artist was familiar enough with me to ask if I would like the original tattoo to be applied to an unfilled spot on my back. I smiled, and agreed. I am the poster boy for this idea. tattoos, while permanent, don’t have to have deeper significance or meaning. It doesn’t matter if you like the design, book or game. You can have it inked on your body. Both the game and the design are my favorite so I bought them. The power of this symbol is still awe inspiring me. It has been a topic of conversation for many, including strangers. Sometimes it’s just, “Hey, I like that game, too!” but other times it’s a short, meaningful story.

“It makes me happy that people found some solace and community with Legend of Zelda and the Triforce symbolism,” Nicholas Jakic, a 30-year-old construction salesperson, told Polygon. “I love when people point mine out and say that they like it and then show off theirs too. It’s an excellent way to make new friends. I think most of the time it’s a very levelheaded way of connecting.”

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