Meaningful ink: Pepperdine athletes share the stories behind their tattoos

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Six Pepperdine athletes show off their tattoos. These tattoos can be symbolic of anything, from words to live with to loved ones who have died. Sources: Photos

Tattoos can be used to highlight the most important aspects of one’s heritage and self-image.

Six Pepperdine athletes said that they are the most important part of their lives. tattoos.

“You can get a painting and have it on your house somewhere, but being able to put something permanent on your body is showing beauty,” Men’s Water Polo junior center Travis Reynolds said.

Freshman Baseball catcher Matt Quintanar shows a tattoo on his left forearm at Eddy D. Field on Jan. 18. His tattoo represents June 13, 1987, the birthdate of Matt's sister Samanatha. Quintanar saw his older sister as a role model and aspires to follow in her hardworking footsteps. Photo by Alex Clarke
Matt Quintanar, a freshman catcher in baseball, displays a tattoo on the left arm of his forearm at Eddy D. Field’s January 18. It is Matt’s older sister Samantha, who was also born June 13, 1987. Quintanar was inspired by his older sister Samantha and hopes to imitate her hardworking spirit. Photo by Alex Clarke

Matt Quintanar – Baseball

Quintanar is particularly concerned about the June 13 date, he said, and pointed out the tattoo on Quintanar’s forearm.

“[June 13] is my sister’s birthday. She shares the same birthday with my dad, and she passed away my freshman year of high school,” Quintanar said. “I cared very much for her and would do anything to talk to her again.”

Quintanar shared that he views his sister as an inspiration.

“[I looked up to her] trying to become a good college student,” Quintanar said. “She was a social worker at a hospital. She had gone to school for five years and got her Master’s and also had two kids, who live with us now.”

Quintanar shared with his sister that Thanksgiving is his favourite memory.

“We would always play Apples to Apples with my family. We would always cheat together and swap cards so that one of us could win,” Quintanar said.

His father Marco Quintanar, was also born June 13, 2013.

“[My father] is a blue-collar man, hardworking and provides for his family.” Quintanar said.” He’s always there for us. My favorite memory was when he would coach me for baseball, ”

Jaylen Jasper – Men’s Volleyball

Graduate Outside hitter Jaylen Jasper shows off his forearm tattoos. Pictured here he has a manta ray tattoo, representing an important donation that Jasper made as an undergraduate. Photo by Alex Clarke
Jaylen Jasper is a Graduate Outside hitter who shows off his tattoos. Here he is sporting a mantaray tattoo. It is an important gift Jasper gave to himself as an undergraduate. Photo by Alex Clarke

Jasper claimed that technically, Jasper does have a biological child.

After his second year at Stanford Jasper decided to donate his sperm.

“Right after I turned 21, I was asked for my sperm by a couple that could not have one on their own,” Jasper said. “In a direct donation to one couple, I donated, and I wanted to get something to symbolize that.”

Jasper chose a manta Ray to represent the life he helped create.

“Ever since [the donation] manta rays are my favorite animal, and they give birth to one or two pups at a time,” Jasper said. “This was one of the closest things I could get to sperm cell, without it being obvious.”

Jasper stated that the tattoo reminds him of the possibility that his donation might have lasting consequences.

“I did put it in the contract that the child is allowed to reach out to me,” Jasper said. “It is a reminder that one day I will meet a little me. It is both exciting and frightening, but it will be a wonderful day. I can feel it already.”

Jasper claimed Jasper was given $25,000 by the couple.

“tattoos were the first thing I got,” Jasper said. “I bought myself a nice designer wallet, I got my dogs, I made some updates to my car, I completely changed my wardrobe — which was an identity shift.”

Jasper stated that money had also changed Jasper’s outlook on his life.

“It gave me a chance for financial responsibility,” Jasper said. “It put a lot in perspective — how hard my parents work and how hard I will have to work. While the material goods were useful and appreciated, the lessons I had to learn were far more valuable. valuable.”

Jasper also has tattoos that represent different aspects of his personal life.

“I got a palm tree once I realized California is where I want to be. I got Stanford tattooed after I graduated. I got a tattoo of Maryland where I am from, I got a tattoo of Waves for when we won the MSPF tournament and I got my dog tags,” Jasper said.

Jasper also said that it was still not over.

“My younger brother got a heart transplant right after he started high school, and he had a huge scar down his chest. I was thinking about getting white ink, something that looks similar because that is something he is self-conscious about,” Jasper said as he pointed to his chest.

Isabel Montoya – Women’s Basketball

Women&squot;s Basketball Junior Guard Isabel
Isabel “Isa” Montoya is a Junior Guard for Women’s Basketball. She proudly shows her tattoo on the right arm all day. It’s a tattoo in Saint Jude, her father’s name. Photo by Isa Montoya

Saint Jude is well-known because of his associations with lost causes. According to Catholic News Agency, Edessa’s ruler was given a painful disease. Initial thought was that the disease would never be curable. Saint Jude quickly healed Abgar.

Montoya claimed she had a Saint Jude tattoo as a gift from her father during her first year of college.

“My dad had a rough childhood. He had abandonment stuff going on,” Montoya said. “He thought [his name] was a covenant for him that he is a lost cause, and I wear him on my skin every day, so when people ask about him, he gets recognized that he is not abandoned.”

Montoya said that Jude, her father is very important to him.

“My dad didn’t know much about basketball, but when I told him I wanted to play, he started studying it 24/7,” Montoya said. “He probably knows more than me because he studies it so much. To me, that means the world.”

Montoya has a collection of tattoos that pay tribute to her father, and all the people who have lost loved ones.

“I have three tattoos for multiple friends that have passed away. It’s great to get asked about them by others. I get to tell their story,” Montoya said.

Montoya said that her many losses in life inspired her to get a tattoo.

“I have a Día De Los Muertos skull on the back of my leg that is mostly for me,” Montoya said. “I have been around death so much; the skull celebrates my establishment and the deaths, so they are not negative.”

Montoya said that she hopes to make more meaningful art in future.

“I plan on getting a tattoo of the creation of Eve with my great grandmother’s hand and my hand to show the strength in the generations of females in our family,” Montoya said.

Travis Reynolds – Water Polo

Men's Water Polo junior center Travis Reynolds shows off his Scandinavian tribal tattoo, inspired by the Polynesian Culture. The tattoo largely centers around family, an important aspect of Reynold's life. Photo courtesy of Travis Reynolds
Travis Reynolds, a junior centre for Men’s Water Polo, shows off his Scandinavian Tribal tattoo. This tattoo was inspired by Polynesian culture. Reynold is proud of his tattoo which focuses mainly upon his family. Travis Reynolds. Travis Reynolds. Photo by Travis Reynolds

The Polynesian actor Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson and the importance of family inspired Reynolds to get his tattoo.

“Ever since I saw the Rock when I was little, I thought [a tribal tattoo] was the sickest thing ever,” Reynolds said. “I love the Polynesian culture and how rooted in the family it is. This is very important to me. I love my family — family is a big part of my life.”

Reynolds explained that he worked closely and collaboratively with El, the artist, to design the perfect design. September 2020.

“We put together our minds for a good two to three months brainstorming what we could do,” Reynolds said. “We found all these Norse ruins and different symbols from different parts of Scandinavia.”

Reynolds claimed that he had highlighted three symbols from a tribal tattoo.

“I have the Celtic Trinity because faith is very important to me,” Reynolds said. “I have the Helm of Awe, which is the symbol of warrior and protection because I have always been the defender of my family and my friends. I recently got Oden’s Raven, which is the watcher of everything.”

Reynolds stated that his family was the most important part his tattoo.

“The thing about my family which I love is that, before we are there for us, we are there for other people. Even if we are going through things, we would rather help someone else than help ourselves,” Reynolds said. “That is what I have always loved about how my parents raised me. Having that symbol of my family and that little story of me on myself is awesome.”

Taylor Rath – Women’s Soccer

Women&squot;s Soccer goalie Taylor Rath shows off a tattoo of
Taylor Rath, a goalie for women’s soccer, displays a tattoo that says “Kaizen”, across her right forearm. Rath is a proponent of Self Improvement and the tattoo is a part of her everyday life. Taylor Rath. Taylor Rath.

Kaizen is a Japanese concept that encourages self-improvement. It emphasizes the importance of not becoming complacent and looking for ways to improve one’s situation.

Rath said this was an idea she strives towards living by.

“Every time I look down at my arm, it’s a reminder that it’s just me versus me,” Rath said. “I’m just incrementally getting one percent better than yesterday, and that is what is going to lead to excellence.”

Rath said that self-improvement was key to her recovery from a discoid radiolateral meniscus injury.

“Following physical therapy, doctors and everything that I am asked is the reason I came back at the time I did,” Rath said. “If I didn’t focus on myself, if I didn’t stay in the gym every day, I would not be cleared right now. I know that hard work always pays off.”

On her left arm, Rath showcases the words “perspective” and “gratitude” in black ink.

“Being told I have an interesting perspective — and I have a great perspective — it was like, this is a sign,” Rath said.

Rath shared her belief that gratitude is an important part in her outlook on life.

“I have gratitude on my arm because it is not only a reminder to be thankful but also a reminder to practice being thankful and reminding other people how grateful we are to even have the opportunity to go to Pepperdine,” Rath said.

Hunter Jansen – Baseball

Baseball freshman pitcher Hunter Jansen shows off the tattoo for his uncle Justin on his right bicep. In 2021, Hunter got the tattoo in memory of his uncle. Photo by Alex Clarke
Hunter Jansen, a rookie baseball pitcher, proudly displays his Justin tattoo on the right side of his bicep. Hunter Jansen, a freshman baseball pitcher, proudly shows off his tattoo of Justin on his right side bicep. It was a tribute to his uncle. Photo by Alex Clarke

After his uncle passed in 2020, Jansen said he got a tattoo of his uncle’s initials and the cross on his bicep and a tattoo of the day his uncle died on his wrist.

Jansen’s uncle Justin played a major role in his life, Jansen said.

“He was the best. He entered the room, and lit up the place with laughter and excitement. He was a funny guy and a great guy, and he was like a second dad,” Jansen said.

Jansen claimed that his most fond memories were those of his uncles who watched him play.

“He would always support me around baseball games. He would have loved to see me at Pepperdine,” Jansen said. “It’s a three-and-a-half, four-hour drive, but he would have made it to every single game, probably all of our away games too.”

Jansen stated that Jansen would like to have seen his uncle perform. tattoos He did.

“I have a joker that is a wild card and supposed to bring good luck, I have an ace of spades that is supposed to bring the ambition, and power and help me push through things, and a king of hearts, which is supposed to bring good vibes,” Jansen said. “[Justin] would have loved to see them on me.”

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