Showcase of Pride Tattoos Celebrating LGBTQ+ Love and Identity

Prepare for some severe tattoo envy

30 Tattoos to Show Your Pride


Are you feeling some serious Pride? Why not make a statement with some serious and seriously gorgeous ink? Pride tattoos range from powerful and precious to all of the above, and these 30 works of art might inspire you to book an appointment at a rockin’ studio in your area.

Cute and simple


Take this minimalist rainbow, for instance. Cute, simple, and it says it all. Tattoos are forever, and so is Pride!

(photo credit: @barmstrong_ from Wild Ink Oshawa)

Riding the Pride waves


This tattoo is a reminder of the cycles in LGBTQ+ life and is as eye-catching as they come.

(photo credit:

For the music lovers


Hearts, music, and rainbows. This tattoo got all the essential things in life covered.

(photo credit: @kristycakes27)

This insane treble


The “cracked coloration” effect in this is pretty badass. This rainbow-tactic treble clef is another example that music and rainbows are the perfect combinations.

(photo credit: @the_red_king_xiv)

This watercolor heart


Spice things up with some words in your rainbow heart! Also, that’s some masterful coloration going on. Perfection!

(photo credit: @maccomdawn)

Love is love hearts


Spice things up with some words in your rainbow heart! Also, that’s some masterful coloration going on. Perfection!

(photo credit: @maccomdawn)

This simple symbol


This terrific tattoo is worth a million if pictures are worth a thousand words. Kudos to artist Kelly “Pony” Goodwin for including a discount for last year’s Pride tats!

(photo credit: @kelleyponytattoo)

The DNGay


Matt Colwell’s rainbow DNA takes the top spot for being so utterly gorgeous and creative and capturing what we’re pretty sure our DNA looks like. Also, we’re sure you must feel 100 percent inspired by now. Get the Pride tat of your dreams!

(photo credit: @djmattypoo)

For lovers of bright and beautiful


This tattoo is simple, classy, and expertly executed. You couldn’t possibly want much more out of your ink. Also, we love this artist’s work in general. Check out Kaitlin Dutoit’s Insta here!

(photo credit: @kaitlindutoitshit)

Rainbow heartbeat


We love a super creative Pride tattoo, and this look from Earth’s Edge is a stellar example. This looks exactly how we feel!

(photo credit: @shane_varner)

This flawless feather


The rainbow feather look is pretty popular, but if it isn’t broken, keep getting it tattooed! This one is a prime example of how perfect this look can be.

(photo credit: @malincarper at Elite Artwork)

This detailed drip


This Seattle-loving tattoo shows us the perfect way to appreciate a city that values you!

(photo credit: @mrvicktattoo from Mr. Vick Tattoo)

This project’s semicolon mashup


We’ve seen a couple of looks combining Project Semicolon, “a faith-based non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and love to those struggling with depression, suicide, addiction, and self-injury,” with Pride, and we love it. This piece by @1312_tat2 is inspirational!

(photo credit: @bzinktattoo at B’z Ink Tattoo-Macomb)

This sexy slow drip


A little macabre but also wildly captivating, this slow drip of rainbow goodness is hard to stop staring at. This is one of a very extraordinary kind.

(photo credit: @disposablequeen)

This rainbow slash


The slashed-up rainbow look seems popular, but that’s because it’s so freaking fantastic. What a badass way to celebrate the rainbow in us all!

(photo credit: @almost_famous_frodo)

For the cute and creative thinker


These two sailors celebrating their Pride is just one of the absolute most adorable things we’ve ever seen. Kudos to artist @tamityville for this unforgettable design!

(photo credit: @rcartwright25)

This love is a love reminder


We love this one, from the font choice to the watercolor-effect detail. Tattoos are just total works of art when they’re gotten so right!

(photo credit: @mikrojohn)

The ultimate pride celebration


The Gaga quote. The rainbow watercolor explosion. The equality sign. This tat says it all fabulously.

(photo credit: @worksbyb from Pushin Ink Tattoo)

For when you’ve found the perfect font


How could we not do a Pride tattoo list without a literal Pride tattoo? Magic.

(photo credit: @pabloocn)

Color free and classic


This straightforward equality is no frills and all amazing. We also love @raymundofoo’s description: “To me, it’s more than just a representation of equality. It reminds me that no matter how hard life gets, it does get better if you stay true to yourself.” True that!

(photo credit: @raymundofoo)

The black-and-white look


Not all Pride tats need to be rainbows! Check out this multi-symbol “love wins” tat that says it all.

(photo credit: @unitystudiovalpo from Unity Studio)

For couples who have found their missing piece


According to the Instagram description, these beautiful, matching 3-D effect tats belong to a couple. So cute!

(photo credit: @nailnerforlife)

For the minimalist


Designed in the style of a big, gay cat scratch, I’m a bit partial to this one because it’s mine. And my first-ever tattoo, acquired with love on last year’s NYC Pride, the same weekend as marriage equality’s legalization!

(photo credit: @rebekahmallen from East Side Ink)

The Captain America


We did not know we needed Captain America standing proudly in front of a Pride flag to come into our lives, yet here we are, not wanting to look away. Fandom pride is always excellent!

(photo credit: @alicewhitetattoo from Alice White)

For the Disney darlings


Yet another glorious example of fandom love and rainbow Pride, this time with some inspiring Disney action.

(photo credit: @katiec2142 from Kyle Shinn)

For the bat fans


Show your Pride and your fandom love at the same time! Now that we’ve seen the rainbow bat symbol, we never want to see it any other way.

(photo credit: @mariiiamanda)

This all-out flag


Get straight to the point with a bold, beautiful, watercolor-y rainbow flag on your wrist for all to see. We couldn’t love this more!

(photo credit: @vanessalea92)

The “behind the ear” look


This is a prime spot for a small but meaningful tattoo, and this trail of rainbow hearts gets that job done flawlessly!

(photo credit: @thisisntchelsea)

This colorful calendar


This one commemorates the exact date marriage equality was legalized. Historical and gorgeous!

(photo credit: @little_mermaid__5)

For the Mary Lambert lovers


It’s hard to pin down what’s best about this one. Is it adorable handwriting? The beautiful butterfly? The Mary Lambert quote that instantly makes us tear up with emotion? Either way, it’s all working.

(photo credit: @cassieunicorn from Michael Montoya)

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