Tattoo Artist Jess Black Crites Hosts Exhibition of Stunning Artwork

Jess Blackcrites (left) with Stacey Case.

Jason Setnyk, Author and Photographer

Cornwall, Ontario – Jess Black-Crites, a tattoo artist and designer from Cornwall, has launched her “Tattoo Flash – Berlin Baby Series #1” poster and merchandise at an exhibition hosted by the Cornwall Stamp Company.

“The inspiration for the art show was Stacey’s work; the screen printing and showing off the art I do can be in print as well. We collaborated by using Stacey’s work and mine. We smashed them together, and this is what we got out of it,” Black-Crites explained.

“As a tattooed artist and printer, with an eye towards vintage styles as a designer, I’ve always wanted to print some as a big poster! I had seen a sheet of Jess’s early flash, and I knew I had to meet her. While she tattooed my knuckles, I told her my idea – and here we are. These new, original, two colour black and red pieces are so striking and bold – I bet she’ll be busy tattooing them on customers right away,” Cornwall Stamp Company owner Stacey Case added.

Black Crites has been a tattoo artist in the industry since 2015. She was trained by her mentor Simon Ackroyd of Olde Tyme Tattoo and began tattooing in 2021. She describes her work by paying respect to the traditional but with a unique twist.

“I always try to put a cute twist on everything like traditional stuff and to pay my respects to the old days with a twist on it, the way I would wear things,” Black-Crites replied.

Less than 30 minutes after the event began, the venue was packed. There was a diverse crowd of art lovers, tattoo enthusiasts, and supporters.

“I’m super happy about the turnout and saw some of my favorite people. I got to show them that some of their art that inspired me is on the walls, so I’m thrilled with it,” Black-Crites concluded.

There will be a reception on Friday, April 28th, from 6-10 pm. The viewing and sales time is Saturday and Sunday, 11-5 pm. The exhibit includes merchandise that showcases her original art. Payment can be made in cash, credit, or debit.

Be sure to visit Jess Black-Crites’ Exhibition this weekend at The Cornwall Stamp Company at 1116 Paul Street. The venue offers a variety of art activities, including exhibitions and workshops.

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