Remy’s Inspiring Tattoo Journey: Over 1,300 Hours of Inked Dedication

A father who spent hours on his tattoo obsession shared a throwback picture with his fans.

Remy has completed over 1,300 hours of needle-to-skin time and is embarking on an inspiring journey.

He said he is not finished but doesn’t intend to stop anytime soon.

His latest post will be a hit with fans after the Canadian shared an old image in a recent upload.

Remy shared with his 203,000 Instagram followers an inspiring caption and a flashback of a few years back.

He wrote, “In pursuit of an Ideal, how much can we give up to be who we want to be?”

“In all eyes around the world. The world only sees the most critical aspects of our lives. But this is only a fraction of the infinitely complex picture.

Remy on Instagram

Remy stated, “We scroll through happy faces. We hit the like button on their outstanding achievements. What happens when we see the pain and sadness that accompany these victories?

“In a world full of plastic smiles, there’s no place for honesty.”

Flashback to a few decades ago

Remy cropped the inked visage of his face so his fans could see his body better.

Followers were able to see the tattoo on his chest. He was wearing a black vest with shorts and a pair of plimsolls.

His body is black, with the skull on his chest the only visible body art.

Remy on Instagram

Remy spent hours tattooing, and his fans love the frequent updates.

One person wrote, “Strength to you,” while another wrote: “Well said.”

A third praise: “Perfect Black Ink.”

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