The Tattoo TikTok Drama: Exploring the Controversy and Impact

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You may have been on TikTok, going about your day, when you stumbled upon #tattootok. Usually, you’d go to this section of TikTok to get some tattoo inspiration or perhaps check out the latest trends. But it turns out there is a lot of drama going on.

Lindsay Joseph is an Ontario-based tattoo artist who wanted to give a brief overview of her three-part series. After charging Monteith a $180 consultation fee, the artist told her there was a charge for the tattoo. This fee is divided into three levels. The first option is $1,500. It includes a “concept,” allowing for one minor revision and a final draft you can review. The second option costs $3,500 and includes two concept sketches with additional changes and a final review. The last chance cost $6 000 and included multiple drawings, changes, studies, and a canvas with the tattoo concept. Monteith went with the first choice, and Joseph revealed that these prices wouldn’t be included in her final cost.


#duet with @Matt Vaught #Stitch Thank you Matt and Jenn and @H2Ocean I am blown away! Haply Morhers Day indeed! 🦊

♬ original sound – Matt Vaught

Monteith is confronted with a problem when she receives the concept sketch and discovers that the image resembles nothing of what Joseph and Monteith had discussed. She flags the situation via email and is told that Joseph must charge the difference between tier 1 and 2 design prices to make any changes. Joseph then tells Monteith that the tiers are optional. Monteith claims this was not explained. Monteith’s review of the public has been viewed over eight million times. People have left negative comments on her page.

Matt Vaught, A tattoo artist, offered to free Monteith from paying for the design. POPSUGAR reached out to Monteith and Joseph, with neither of them responded.

This saga may seem to be heading toward a happy end, but there’s a lesson in it: trust your gut and consider all your options. An artist rarely charges a fee that does not contribute to the final cost of your design. If someone claims to be able to do so, you should check to see if it is common in your area. So you’ll be prepared if you decide to travel somewhere else.

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