Unveiling the Tiger Tattoos Connection with South Carolina Football Players and Fans

South Carolina football fans are incredibly passionate about their favorite college football team. The same is true about Clemson football fans.

However, some very…interesting…? news came out this week from both fanbases, and it had nothing to do with what happens on the field.

First, an excited South Carolina football fan got a familiar-looking tattoo from Columbia. Inspired by the Gamecocks’ defeats of Texas A&M, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Clemson, a message board member from TheBigSpur.com showed off his new “Beat Clemson” ink inspired by the gameday Beat Stickers handed out around Columbia before games.

Maybe skip the image for those bothered by blood, as the tattoo is fresh.

The tattoo wasn’t done particularly well and isn’t even an exact copy of the Beat Stickers. The Beat Stickers have the Carolina block C with a Gamecock inside the C, while the tattoo does not. That would be a problematic tattoo to execute (especially given the quality of the existing artwork), but it seems like an odd choice.

Never satisfied with being outdone by a Gamecock, a Clemson fan took her tattoo dedicated to the Tigers to a different level. The fan had a portrait of Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney tattooed on her calf. The image depicts Swinney touching Howard’s Rock pregame.

Swinney must have liked the tattoo as he asked the woman to take a picture. She agreed to let Swinney take the photo on one condition: that he autograph her calf. Yes, you read that right. Swinney decided, and now, the Clemson super fan has a tattoo of her head coach and his signature on her leg for the world to see. Complete normal behavior, right?

In the end, what people want to do with their skin is their business, but if these tattoo choices prove anything, the Palmetto State has some outrageously dedicated football fans.

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