Why Dave Bautista Covered His Manny Pacquiao Tattoo

Other than being the most handsome green alien on earth, Guardians of the GalaxyDave Bautista’s body art collection is another thing that makes him famous.

This man is super tatted up.


But the Manny Pacquiao tattoo that he had? It’s gone!

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GQ spoke with Dave about his decision to cover it up following the anti-gay protests. comments Manny was born in 2016.

A close-up of Manny wearing a t-shirt that says "Premium Water"

β€œIt used to be a team logo,” he said, showing on his forearm where the tattoo used to be. “I was a member of a group of people I considered friends and someone I truly looked up too. Then he came out with anti-gay statements, and he turned out to have been an extreme homophobe.

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Dave stated, “So I had a huge problem with it.” It’s a personal issue for me because my mom is lesbian. He was no longer a friend. It was so obvious that I made this. [skull].”


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Although Dave did not mention Manny directly in the interview, he had previously mentioned Manny. spoke out He argued against him, claiming that Manny was a “fucking fool” at the time.

A sweaty Manny giving an interview

Manny eventually offered an apology He said the right things, but he made it clear that his “position against same sex marriage” was not changing.

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